Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yorkie pups get visitors..and we did too.

Well the weekend finally arrived...rain all week made the week drag on forever. And nothing could make a weekend better than to have Ryder come for a visit. Little Man had been sick all week so we didn't know if we would get to see him.
But he got better and his mommy and daddy came for a visit...and to see the new puppies. We got to babysit while they went and ran errands and went out to eat a bit.We got to see how fast Ryder could scoot across the floor....he has developed quite a bit more since I watched him at Camp Pawpaw...amazing.
And who would think of a 6 month old reading a is unbelievable what kids learn in daycare now.
He had developed into a child with hands that grab everything, the ability to crawl, even slow, across the floor to discover the other side...and on the peak of learning to walk...soon he will be running across the floor..with his parents and us quickly following...he will train us to respond to his many new discoveries.
" folks..oh they let me do this all the time"...comes from just a look...

We enjoyed the time we got to spend with Ryder..he is a true enjoyment to have around..he entertains us and we try and entertain him.
We have a large assortment of toys, books and movies to keep him from boredom. He loves lights and sound..anything with both is amazing to him. And even with a week of illness and earaches he took the time to come visit us and fill our hearts with joy.
So Mr-Rolls-Alot has developed into a crawler and soon will be Mr Walks-Wherever...soon he will be leading us into a new world of discoveries...a world seen through the eyes of small child with a smile that is bigger than the mountains.
We were glad to see him and have his parents come see the puppies...we enjoyed the time we spent with him. We hope his woes leave him soon and he starts to feel even better..the hardest part of watching your children grow is watching while they are sick. You feel helpless not to be able to do anything to make them better faster, quicker, sooner...but it takes time to mend all wounds and time to end all illnesses.
Pawpaw's Wisdom is to enjoy lifes greatest don't know how good we have it until we lose our health..our ability to do things without feeling bad..if a small child can do it, why can't we...why do we always seem to be helpless when we are not. So go out today and enjoy the errands, go visit a friend, life to the fullest...thank you for stopping by and now I have to go run errands..Nana and I are going to go live life.

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