Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hallmark Ornament Treasures....Oh What Fun We Had

Nana and Pawpaw went treasure hunting again...this time for Hallmark Christmas ornaments..and boy did we strike gold. We spent about a half-hour sifting through multiple tables of ornaments at a nearby yardsale. We found almost a boxful of treasures to add to our collection we already had.
We found a total of 36 ornaments that made us smile, laugh and cry a little. Nana found a Barbie doll ornament to add to her collection of babydoll Chatty Cathy. I found 2 for our boy one and one girl made me a very proud and happy Pawpaw and will help me remember the great fun I have had this past year with my 1 year old grandson. He has grown up so much in just one year...unbelievable...I do love that little boy. And I now have a brand-new, 3 month old granddaughter. She reminds me of my mom, who past away a few years ago...tears of days gone by, and tears of days ahead with her. She has a little bit of mom in her eyes...I think so at least. I love that little girl...and can't wait til she calls me "Pawpaw"one'll hear the teardrops as they flow off my checks and hit the floor. Hallmark started making ornaments back in 1973...6 glass ornaments and 12 yarn ones. Now they produce about 200 different each year and have over 3,000 different ornaments in their series. Making memories for people to share, to adore, to decorate their Christmas trees with.
Who could refuse Santa...when we saw him we had to have him. He's part of their world series...and will make a beautiful addition to our tree.
And you know you would have gotten this one...a Santa cookie jar...with 3 cookie ornaments that came with it and are stored inside the Santa's body by popping off his head. Magical fun for our grandkids when they grow up a little more.

All in all, we found a total of 36 ornaments..a boxful of treasures, of memories. It was like going to a candy store...we couldn't decide on which ones we want...but we did good..we only bought the ones we knew we had to have. Oh, I know we could have bought the whole was that much fun.

So we added up the retail values of each of the ornaments, and we didn't even add came to $443...we are sure glad we paid only $40..yes, FORTY DOLLARS..unbelievable.
Pawpaw's wisdom is this...never judge people who bargain thrift stores, consignment sales or yard sales...they might not be as crazy as you think...We might be very intellegent people who know where to find the best bargains around...we think so....did you save $403 this week....we did...and that's without taxes even.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


What more can a "Pawpaw" say then is expressed in the photo below. How thankful could he be, then for the great blessings God has put on his plate.
I am married to Nana, the most loving, beautiful person I could ask for...she's a wife, a mom and a grandmother all in one great package...I am a blessed man.
I am a dad, and a step-dad to 3 great kids. They have shown me alot of good times, hard times and loving times...and I Love them very much....I am a blessed man.
I am "Pawpaw" to 2 grandkids...Ryder, who just turned one year old and has grown up so much in this year. And Maddy, who just turned 3 months old and has just started to giggle. She is going to be a beautiful little young lady one day...that reminds me..have I cleaned my shotgun lately.
With Ryder and Maddy in my life, I am a blessed man.
And with all my other family members, my friends and all of you who I have met this year...I am a blessed man.
Now, Mr Tom Turkey, he's not a blessed man...he is a blessing to man. What would Thanksgiving be like without all that juicey meat, filled with stuffing, and placed on your dining room table. And all that other food with it...yams, potato's, rolls, butter.........are you hungry...I'm getting hungry. For all the food we will have today I am a blessed man.

And Pumpkin Pie...could there be anything better in the Fall...smell those spices...and Cool Whip on top....for this I am a blessed man.
I have had a blessed year...good times, bad times, happy times and and sad times...but I survived it...and have alot of blessing to show for it. The Lord has blessed me with everything one man needs, plus a few things more. He has allowed me to be blessed with alot of love, the kind that fills your heart full and makes you feel warm and tingly. When I think of all that I have...I tear up..I am a blessed man. Thank you Lord for allowing me to have all that I have. To give me a family that I love with all my heart, a life full of friends and people who make me a better man, 3 Yorkies, who drive me crazy one minute, and make me smile the next...they have a lot of love in their little furry bodies, and 2 precious grandkids, they make me "PawPaw"...a blessed man...Amen.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryder, Part 2

Part 2 of my grandson's birthday celebration happened on Saturday. His parents were as organized as they always are. He even had a special outfit to wear. He was a happy birthday boy...and boy did he love his balloons that his parents got for him. But he did very well, we only lost one to the ceiling and that was after the party. For a one year old I think that's excellent, don't you.
His mom and dad got a beautiful bakery cake for all of his guests to eat, and yes it was as good as it looks. Can't you taste the icing....
Ryder had his own cake, just for the birthday boy. What more could a kid want, then to have his own whole
He didn't like his crown very much, but hey he's one...try putting anything on a one year's like wrestling a bear at times.
"Mommy...this whole cake is mine...all mine" runs through Ryder's head as his mom gave him his special cake.

He did a very nice job of eating his cake...he really never got crazy or threw it to his dog...he just took his time...piece by piece...and no he didn't eat it all. He had leftover's for the next day to eat.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER ...I Love You "Little Man" and hope you had a great birthday..I know I enjoyed watching you celebrate your day.
I know the next year will bring many new adventures for you and for me. I can't wait can you.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to read about my grandson and in helping him celebrate his birthday. I hope you'll come back and check on me again.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On November 18th, a year ago, the stork delivered us a angel...his name was Ryder David. As his "Pawpaw" I have the pleasure to wish him his first birthday, by way of the net. I started this blog right after he was born...and I look back at it from time to time to see how much this "little man" has changed, has grown into a toddler, has learned to walk and is talking too. And boy, did you change your momma's life...she could hardly wait for you to get here. And once you did, she's been a great mommy, I'm very proud of her...your a very loved little boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER....May this day is as special to you, as you are to your Pawpaw. Your smile can still melt my heart and your hugs make all my aches go away...I Love You Ryder.

How could so much love come in such a small package...

Only for you would a "Pawpaw" take such a silly photo...

You sure do love your "gizmo" ...I know it's a pacifier, but Ryder and me call it a "gizmo", it's our little thing we have going.

Nana is a proud grandma...can you tell?

Even the Yorkies lives have been changed...they never knew what little hands were before you came along.

And Ryder you turned a "good man" into a greater man. You have a daddy that is on the job, 24/7. He became a dad when you were born and hasn't let up are a loved son.

Your Aunt Tori takes a turn in holding and feeding you...

And even Uncle Eric got brave and held you.

And you made Granny a has been a joy for her to see you grow up into the toddler you are.

And Aunt Jordan had the opportunity to hold a baby, while carrying a baby herself. Your cousin Maddy was born in August and will give ya some one to team up on us with.

Uncle Matt really enjoyed getting to know you this year...he can't wait til you and Maddy get to play together.

Nana, tell Ryder that those aren't candy, would ya? Or do you think he thinks they are checkers...maybe we'll have to play someday.

You've been a great baby to watch... easy...very easy.

And I always came when you and the Yorkies came a'll alway be safe in Pawpaw's big a bear with his cub.

And boy did you discover your fingers and your hands....out came the "gizmo", in went the fingers and hands.

Your Nana loves you, can you tell....look at that beautiful's all for you. I really enjoy watching her with makes me teary at times.

And you make my dimples shine everytime I hold you...but that's a Pawpaw's right isn't it?

You sure do love playing on that spotted blanket...fuzzy, warm....just right to play on.

And look at you styling in that hat...what a handsome.

This is one great photo your parents took of you surfing...and not even a year old yet...

Tinkerbell sure does love it when you come visit...she can't keep herself from loving on you.

And here I am in my Redskin's hat you gave me...I still smile whenever I wear it...I am a very proud Pawpaw.

Always playing, always alert, alway a joy to hold on to, to teach, play, and hug.

And even the puppies we had in the Spring loved on you...

Nana and Pawpaw's kids with their kids....can a man be any prouder....

And here's Granny getting and giving a little lovin' again.

A spiked hairdo and a sippy cup..what could be better.

Pawpaw and grandson....a smile-off loser's here.

A angel sleeping on earth....

Ok Uncle's time to play...put me down mommy...I have things to do, and people to play with.

Thanks to Ryder, watching the Panthers isn't as painful as it usually is.

So as we are walking with you, we try and remember when you were just a newborn...small and little...where did this grown-up toddler come from.
And Halloween was really fun this year..watching you go trick-r-treating...

You have changed alot over this first year, but so have we. A year ago I wasn't a Pawpaw, just a dad, a husband. You have changed me forever, and all in good ways. I am so proud to be your Pawpaw "little man". It's a job I take very serious, and I have you to thank.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER....from your Nana and Pawpaw. May all you days be as happy as the ones you have given us. I love you Ryder...I think you know that...I see it in your smile when I'm smiling back at you.
No wisdom to share....only love today...but I guess that's some wisdom in itself, isn't it.