Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryder, Part 2

Part 2 of my grandson's birthday celebration happened on Saturday. His parents were as organized as they always are. He even had a special outfit to wear. He was a happy birthday boy...and boy did he love his balloons that his parents got for him. But he did very well, we only lost one to the ceiling and that was after the party. For a one year old I think that's excellent, don't you.
His mom and dad got a beautiful bakery cake for all of his guests to eat, and yes it was as good as it looks. Can't you taste the icing....
Ryder had his own cake, just for the birthday boy. What more could a kid want, then to have his own whole
He didn't like his crown very much, but hey he's one...try putting anything on a one year's like wrestling a bear at times.
"Mommy...this whole cake is mine...all mine" runs through Ryder's head as his mom gave him his special cake.

He did a very nice job of eating his cake...he really never got crazy or threw it to his dog...he just took his time...piece by piece...and no he didn't eat it all. He had leftover's for the next day to eat.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER ...I Love You "Little Man" and hope you had a great birthday..I know I enjoyed watching you celebrate your day.
I know the next year will bring many new adventures for you and for me. I can't wait can you.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to read about my grandson and in helping him celebrate his birthday. I hope you'll come back and check on me again.

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  1. I am glad some of the pictures came out so well! I love Ry Ry!!