Thursday, November 26, 2009


What more can a "Pawpaw" say then is expressed in the photo below. How thankful could he be, then for the great blessings God has put on his plate.
I am married to Nana, the most loving, beautiful person I could ask for...she's a wife, a mom and a grandmother all in one great package...I am a blessed man.
I am a dad, and a step-dad to 3 great kids. They have shown me alot of good times, hard times and loving times...and I Love them very much....I am a blessed man.
I am "Pawpaw" to 2 grandkids...Ryder, who just turned one year old and has grown up so much in this year. And Maddy, who just turned 3 months old and has just started to giggle. She is going to be a beautiful little young lady one day...that reminds me..have I cleaned my shotgun lately.
With Ryder and Maddy in my life, I am a blessed man.
And with all my other family members, my friends and all of you who I have met this year...I am a blessed man.
Now, Mr Tom Turkey, he's not a blessed man...he is a blessing to man. What would Thanksgiving be like without all that juicey meat, filled with stuffing, and placed on your dining room table. And all that other food with it...yams, potato's, rolls, butter.........are you hungry...I'm getting hungry. For all the food we will have today I am a blessed man.

And Pumpkin Pie...could there be anything better in the Fall...smell those spices...and Cool Whip on top....for this I am a blessed man.
I have had a blessed year...good times, bad times, happy times and and sad times...but I survived it...and have alot of blessing to show for it. The Lord has blessed me with everything one man needs, plus a few things more. He has allowed me to be blessed with alot of love, the kind that fills your heart full and makes you feel warm and tingly. When I think of all that I have...I tear up..I am a blessed man. Thank you Lord for allowing me to have all that I have. To give me a family that I love with all my heart, a life full of friends and people who make me a better man, 3 Yorkies, who drive me crazy one minute, and make me smile the next...they have a lot of love in their little furry bodies, and 2 precious grandkids, they make me "PawPaw"...a blessed man...Amen.

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