Sunday, November 8, 2009

Watching An Angel Growing Up

We were visited by an angel this weekend...look at her...sleeping so peaceful, in a world full of trouble, full of pain, and needing a little happiness in it.So we were blessed with seeing our granddaughter...she spent Saturday night with us and we got to bond with her. To see just how much she has changed in the 2 months she has been with us. To see her developing into the beautiful, smart and happy baby we know she will be.
Her visual development has really changed...she locks on to a object and watches with eagerness what it does, and why it does it. It is fun to she her discovering the world around her...a world that is full of unhappinest, but not in her her eyes she only see's what is good and happy. The Lord watches over babies and only allows them to see the good...they will havetoo much saddness in their lives need to rush it. So Maddy plays, smiles and watches, as the world revolves around her.
She really enjoyed playing on her bouncer...grabbing the toys...rattling the beads...and watch that doggie..."how does he float above me...maybe he's a angel like me"... deep thoughts from a little girl.
I took the toy bar off so you could see just how beautiful my granddaughter is, a angel in the living world for sure. I know she has alot of growing ahead, but she seems to have grown quite a bit in these 2 months of her life...and has gotten longer too. She's going to be a tall drink of water for sure.
Pawpaw's Wisdom is about 13 years there will be a beautiful little girl named Maddy, whose Pawpaw will be cleaning his guns every time someone comes to visit her, ask her out on a date. I'll will be watching the Yorkies do when she comes to visit us...she is under my don't even think about hurting her, breaking her heart, or looking hard at her...she's an angel and has both the Lord and Pawpaw watching over her...remember wisdom to you...ok!

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