Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On November 18th, a year ago, the stork delivered us a angel...his name was Ryder David. As his "Pawpaw" I have the pleasure to wish him his first birthday, by way of the net. I started this blog right after he was born...and I look back at it from time to time to see how much this "little man" has changed, has grown into a toddler, has learned to walk and is talking too. And boy, did you change your momma's life...she could hardly wait for you to get here. And once you did, she's been a great mommy, I'm very proud of her...your a very loved little boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER....May this day is as special to you, as you are to your Pawpaw. Your smile can still melt my heart and your hugs make all my aches go away...I Love You Ryder.

How could so much love come in such a small package...

Only for you would a "Pawpaw" take such a silly photo...

You sure do love your "gizmo" ...I know it's a pacifier, but Ryder and me call it a "gizmo", it's our little thing we have going.

Nana is a proud grandma...can you tell?

Even the Yorkies lives have been changed...they never knew what little hands were before you came along.

And Ryder you turned a "good man" into a greater man. You have a daddy that is on the job, 24/7. He became a dad when you were born and hasn't let up yet...you are a loved son.

Your Aunt Tori takes a turn in holding and feeding you...

And even Uncle Eric got brave and held you.

And you made Granny a Great-Granny...it has been a joy for her to see you grow up into the toddler you are.

And Aunt Jordan had the opportunity to hold a baby, while carrying a baby herself. Your cousin Maddy was born in August and will give ya some one to team up on us with.

Uncle Matt really enjoyed getting to know you this year...he can't wait til you and Maddy get to play together.

Nana, tell Ryder that those aren't candy, would ya? Or do you think he thinks they are checkers...maybe we'll have to play someday.

You've been a great baby to watch... easy...very easy.

And I always came when you cried...me and the Yorkies came a running...you'll alway be safe in Pawpaw's big arms...like a bear with his cub.

And boy did you discover your fingers and your hands....out came the "gizmo", in went the fingers and hands.

Your Nana loves you, can you tell....look at that beautiful smile...it's all for you. I really enjoy watching her with you...it makes me teary at times.

And you make my dimples shine everytime I hold you...but that's a Pawpaw's right isn't it?

You sure do love playing on that spotted blanket...fuzzy, warm....just right to play on.

And look at you styling in that hat...what a face...so handsome.

This is one great photo your parents took of you surfing...and not even a year old yet...

Tinkerbell sure does love it when you come visit...she can't keep herself from loving on you.

And here I am in my Redskin's hat you gave me...I still smile whenever I wear it...I am a very proud Pawpaw.

Always playing, always alert, alway a joy to hold on to, to teach, play, and hug.

And even the puppies we had in the Spring loved on you...

Nana and Pawpaw's kids with their kids....can a man be any prouder....

And here's Granny getting and giving a little lovin' again.

A spiked hairdo and a sippy cup..what could be better.

Pawpaw and grandson....a smile-off contest...no loser's here.

A angel sleeping on earth....

Ok Uncle Matt...it's time to play...put me down mommy...I have things to do, and people to play with.

Thanks to Ryder, watching the Panthers isn't as painful as it usually is.

So as we are walking with you, we try and remember when you were just a newborn...small and little...where did this grown-up toddler come from.
And Halloween was really fun this year..watching you go trick-r-treating...

You have changed alot over this first year, but so have we. A year ago I wasn't a Pawpaw, just a dad, a husband. You have changed me forever, and all in good ways. I am so proud to be your Pawpaw "little man". It's a job I take very serious, and I have you to thank.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER....from your Nana and Pawpaw. May all you days be as happy as the ones you have given us. I love you Ryder...I think you know that...I see it in your smile when I'm smiling back at you.
No wisdom to share....only love today...but I guess that's some wisdom in itself, isn't it.

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  1. Jeff,

    That was the sweetest post about Ryder's Birthday! You and mom have enriched Ryder's life to the fullest and we are so blessed to have you as parents. I couldn't have imagined what our life would be without all the help and supprt you lend. We love you both so much and Ryder is lucky to have you as Nana and PawPaw. Thank you for spending the day with us to celebrate Ryder's first birthday and for all of his birthday gifts. We will have so much fun watching him again this Saturday as he digs into his birthday cake!! Love you!!