Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yorkie pups get visitors..and we did too.

Well the weekend finally arrived...rain all week made the week drag on forever. And nothing could make a weekend better than to have Ryder come for a visit. Little Man had been sick all week so we didn't know if we would get to see him.
But he got better and his mommy and daddy came for a visit...and to see the new puppies. We got to babysit while they went and ran errands and went out to eat a bit.We got to see how fast Ryder could scoot across the floor....he has developed quite a bit more since I watched him at Camp Pawpaw...amazing.
And who would think of a 6 month old reading a is unbelievable what kids learn in daycare now.
He had developed into a child with hands that grab everything, the ability to crawl, even slow, across the floor to discover the other side...and on the peak of learning to walk...soon he will be running across the floor..with his parents and us quickly following...he will train us to respond to his many new discoveries.
" folks..oh they let me do this all the time"...comes from just a look...

We enjoyed the time we got to spend with Ryder..he is a true enjoyment to have around..he entertains us and we try and entertain him.
We have a large assortment of toys, books and movies to keep him from boredom. He loves lights and sound..anything with both is amazing to him. And even with a week of illness and earaches he took the time to come visit us and fill our hearts with joy.
So Mr-Rolls-Alot has developed into a crawler and soon will be Mr Walks-Wherever...soon he will be leading us into a new world of discoveries...a world seen through the eyes of small child with a smile that is bigger than the mountains.
We were glad to see him and have his parents come see the puppies...we enjoyed the time we spent with him. We hope his woes leave him soon and he starts to feel even better..the hardest part of watching your children grow is watching while they are sick. You feel helpless not to be able to do anything to make them better faster, quicker, sooner...but it takes time to mend all wounds and time to end all illnesses.
Pawpaw's Wisdom is to enjoy lifes greatest don't know how good we have it until we lose our health..our ability to do things without feeling bad..if a small child can do it, why can't we...why do we always seem to be helpless when we are not. So go out today and enjoy the errands, go visit a friend, life to the fullest...thank you for stopping by and now I have to go run errands..Nana and I are going to go live life.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pawpaw's Puppy Picture..Do I Need to Say More?

Well it was a rainy Memorial Day weekend...the race was delayed til Monday...and our grandson is sick so we didn't see him...but we have puppies!!!
Carly gave birth last Monday night so we have been busy taking care of them.."The Fab Five" I call them...5 Yorkie pups...1 girl and 4 boys...all doing can check on them on my other blog (Waterside Yorkies). I really haven't had time to keep up with both blogs, all I can think of is the beauty and wonder of watching puppies come into this world and how their mom has taken care of them. Gotta of the puppies is crying...gotta check on them...
I will try and blog something later this week...thanks for checking in and please come back.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Salute

Dedicated to my Dad (Army), my Mom (Marines)and my Brother (Navy)...and to Nana's Mom and Dad (Army) and all those who have served for our great we honor you.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Empty Camp Pawpaw....Full Heart

Well I read my grandson's entry on my he got online and wrote without the dogs barking or me waking up really surprises me. Here he is posing with his Nana, she and I miss the little seems so quiet. And I have all these toys and stuff laying around..waiting..til next time...I love that.
I guess I'll park his walker til next time. Put it back up in the boys room, until he comes to visit again. When I look at it...empty..I smile...remembering the great days I have just spent with a 6 month old was a challenge, don't let me fool you. But I loved it...I loved going to bed knowing that my grandson was upstairs asleep, knowing I would be able to play with him in the morning. No one will ever be able to take that away from me..I loved it.
So his little shoes sit empty...waiting til next time...waiting til he comes back to visit us again. Nana and Pawpaw's house glowed for the last 9 came from our grandson's halo...he is a angel, or angel sent...sent into my life to enrich me. Oh I know I have to share him..I will...but Ryder makes me feel loved beyond dreams. His smile melts me..I know he will always have that over me...I love him.
So little shoes sit empty..til next time...I really want to thank my daughter and son-in-law for my gift..getting to know my grandson...Camp Pawpaw was as special to me as their trip was to them. I am glad I got the opportunity to bond with Ryder and let him get to know how much I love him.
And now on to puppies...Carly, our Yorkie..well one of our Yorkies...will be delivering this week..I am now in "puppy-mode". Life is wonderful, and wonderous.
And in August, Nana and I will have another grandchild to play with. Our son and his girlfriend are expecting a little girl...Madilyn (spelling hasn't been confirmed yet).
So as Camp Pawpaw shuts down, and I help Nana clean up the house I find myself smiling and crying all in the same moment..I have loved the past 9 days...really I have...Lord, thank you for bringing Ryder's parents home safe, for looking over me and Nana, and for allowing me to see the greatness you have put in my grandson's heart...for that I love you.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Last Night At Camp Pawpaw

Hello's me Ryder...I snuck downstairs and got on Pawpaw's I gotta be fast. I just wanted to say how much fun I have had here at Nana's and Pawpaw's. They have really done a good job for two people who haven't had a baby in over 20 years.
This is a picture of one of my favorite toys at Nana''s a grasshopper...feels so good on my teething gums. Pawpaw found a extra one so he gave me one to take home.
Speaking of home, my mommy and daddy will be coming home later today...I just looked at the clock and I think it's past it's Sunday, and they come home on Sunday. I'm glad...I really have missed them...alot. Pawpaw says I'm going into rodeo because I always hold my hands in the air...yeehaw...sounds like fun. But this is how I eat..I take a bite and then I wipe my mouth...simple stuff, great style.My last night at Nana's and Pawpaw's...I'll miss them too. Life for a little boy is really hard at times. I am caught in the middle. But I'll be back...Pawpaw and Nana have a open invitation with my parents...whenever they need a sitter, I can go to Pawpaw's and Nana's.
So I better get back to bed...I will need my rest...I can't wait til later today ...I hope I don't cry first...I bet my mommy and daddy will before me...I'm almost 6 months old....I am almost crawling, almost walking, almost a teenager...soon I'll be able to talk. So goodnight everyone and I will check back after my folks come home. I better get some tissues ready for my folks...and probably for Pawpaw and Nana...they are going to miss me...I'm lovable. Please don't tell Pawpaw I got on his computer....he might get mad at will be our secret...well, until he reads his blog...oops.

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday..Let's Party.

Well it was a busy week for me...Pawpaw took me to school and picked me up each day. Except for today...I stayed home and got to go to Nana's school...she wanted everyone to see how handsome her grandson was. So I started the day off with a little playtime in my all those gadgets on it. And who doesn't like a mirror to see themselves. Pawpaw and I got to bond..he's done his best to keep me's been a few years since he was a kid...but he plays with me and he even took me for a walk.
And this book tastes so good...I'm teething and I chew on everything and anything. I am drooling like a waterfall my Pawpaw says. My Nana puts my special teething ring in the feels so nice on my gums.
I really like a good bath...makes you feel so clean. Wash behind my ears, my face...ooooh that is so nice. Pawpaw saids he'll get me some Mr. Bubble when I get a little make bubbles and boy doesn't that sound like fun.
Nana I love pictures too...but how about some privacy..ok? Gee whiz...I'm naked here...cheeeesse...did you get me smiling?
This is my new friend...he helps keep me company while my folks are away. He's so soft and I can hung his neck...good stuff...I'll name him someday, right now his name is "Animal".
Here's how Tucker has spent the week...playing with the other dogs...he is in doggie everywhere, lots of playfriends, and Nana and Pawpaw lets him sleep with them...spoiled rotten.
So I made it through the week...and now the weekends here. Nana said we might go shopping tomorrow, did I hear Toys-R-Us or was I just dreaming...anyplace with toys would be nice...and if I am awake during the shopping, that would be great too.
So I'll go's getting late and I need to go to bed soon...Nana I need my bottle...a little bottle, a little rocking chair action, and soon I'll be asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep......

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update from Camp Pawpaw..Day 5

Well I was tired Tuesday night..I went to bed at 8...I played hard all day at school and then Pawpaw played with me when we got home. I got a bath, some dinner and off to bed I went. This is my walker at Nana's and Pawpaw's...I love this orange rocket fits my hands just right and I love to bite it...I'm teething and it feels so goooood.
I caught this big grasshopper in the back yard...not really...I got it in a toy my Nana gave me. In the mouth it goes too...hmmm..feels good on my gums too. And this is my keyring I love to rattle...back and forth...over and over...then I throw it and Pawpaw goes and gets it...he is a good fetcher. I trained him just right.
I'm sleepy here...about to go to bed...been a long day. And the quicker I go to bed the faster I get to get up and do it again.
Before school on Wednesday I taught Nana how fast my little hands I am showing her that a big necklace is a open inventation for me. But don't worry, I gave it back to her in one piece. Guess I'll talk to ya Pawpaw got a email from my mommy and daddy...they miss me, I knew they would..I am so lovable...I miss them too..but don't tell them that or they won't have a good time...they worry about me...all the time....parents.
Pawpaw said I could keep writing on his blog as long as I ate good, slept all night for him and Nana, and did well at school...I am three for three...guess I'll be writing again soon...bye now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Hello name is Ryder...what's your I know you? Well I had a good day at school...all my friends were glad I got to come in...they need me. When Pawpaw and Nana picked me up we came home and Pawpaw played with me, while Nana started dinner. Here I am playing with my favorite bucket and keys...I love noisey stuff...they both rattle. While I was playing, all the doggies came by to say Tucker gave me a kiss..he loves me and I love him.
I got to meet my Uncle Pawpaw introduces us...I really liked him...he liked me too. I hope to see him real soon...he makes me laugh.
He has funny hair...hey look at his Oh yeah, I taught him how to hold a baby..he is going to have a little girl in August...she'll be my cousin. I tried to tell Uncle Matt not to worry, that I would watch over her and keep her from getting into trouble..I hope he understood.
Aunt Jordan took a turn in holding me too...she thought I was the bomb...I know I am. She said that she loved my blue eyes...I am a charmer. She did well in holding me and I think she will be a good mommy to my cousin.
Here's Jordan standing sideways....I think the baby is hiding in her shirt...hopefully my daddy will try and tell me about that stuff someday...right now it is all confusing to me. Storks, birds, bee's...alot of animals and something happens...I don't's all magic to me.

So one more day flew by...I went to bed around 8:15...I had a long day...I was sleepy. This morning Pawpaw is going to take me to school again. Pawpaw and Nana will come pick me up this to ya later.