Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day One at Camp Pawpaw

Hi my name is Ryder and I am on my first day at Camp Pawpaw....this is Piglet...he was hanging out with me today....I like him alot. I think I might ask my daddy for a pig when they come home from vacation. Maybe they'll let me keep it up in my room...I want to. Here I am scooting around in my walker...the orange rocket is my bends over and I can play with it...and chew on it...and spin it too. Pawpaw took this picture...he and Nana love to take pictures of me...I think I am a star or something...anyway, I put up with them...they love me.

Inside this cave is Tinkerbell...she ran away from me when I started to roll around..mommy calls me "Mr. Rolls-a-Lot"...I love to roll...poor Tinkerbell, she thinks I am going to roll over her..I won't. Piglet is helping me talk her out...she won't come out...she's little and I think I scare her.

I decided to take a break from rolling and see if I can get Tinkerbell to come out....but she won' we both will rest for awhile and then start all over again. I sure hope my mommy and daddy have fun...I am...they are the best parents a little boy could have..they deserve some rest and relaxation...they work hard and I have given them a bunch of sleepless nights...I do that to test see how much they love me...they love me me...I have the best parents in the whole wide don't even try and tell me different...I know.

I try and do at least 25-30 push-ups each builds muscle and I'll be strong like my Pawpaw...hey look there's Piglet again...he's my new buddy...and that's my bucket...I love to rattle that thing til the whiskers fall off.
My Nana and Pawpaw took me for a ride in the stroller...I fell asleep as's tough being little and going all the time...I need rest to recharge my batteries...then I can wake up and do it all over again.
My Pawpaw fed me peas today...I ate them all...he was impressed..I'm not that little baby anymore...I'm a big boy..well sort of.
I will try and write again really Pawpaw will if I don' check back and see how Camp Pawpaw is doing ok. And if my mommy and daddy are reading this...remember that I like my t-shirts a little big, and my hats stylish. And please have a fun time..I am safe and Nana and Pawpaw are doing great...I think I have them pretty trained...they are following your instructions and Tucker is ok too...I'm watching him for you too. I Love You Guys...have fun...I am.

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