Sunday, May 17, 2009

Empty Camp Pawpaw....Full Heart

Well I read my grandson's entry on my he got online and wrote without the dogs barking or me waking up really surprises me. Here he is posing with his Nana, she and I miss the little seems so quiet. And I have all these toys and stuff laying around..waiting..til next time...I love that.
I guess I'll park his walker til next time. Put it back up in the boys room, until he comes to visit again. When I look at it...empty..I smile...remembering the great days I have just spent with a 6 month old was a challenge, don't let me fool you. But I loved it...I loved going to bed knowing that my grandson was upstairs asleep, knowing I would be able to play with him in the morning. No one will ever be able to take that away from me..I loved it.
So his little shoes sit empty...waiting til next time...waiting til he comes back to visit us again. Nana and Pawpaw's house glowed for the last 9 came from our grandson's halo...he is a angel, or angel sent...sent into my life to enrich me. Oh I know I have to share him..I will...but Ryder makes me feel loved beyond dreams. His smile melts me..I know he will always have that over me...I love him.
So little shoes sit empty..til next time...I really want to thank my daughter and son-in-law for my gift..getting to know my grandson...Camp Pawpaw was as special to me as their trip was to them. I am glad I got the opportunity to bond with Ryder and let him get to know how much I love him.
And now on to puppies...Carly, our Yorkie..well one of our Yorkies...will be delivering this week..I am now in "puppy-mode". Life is wonderful, and wonderous.
And in August, Nana and I will have another grandchild to play with. Our son and his girlfriend are expecting a little girl...Madilyn (spelling hasn't been confirmed yet).
So as Camp Pawpaw shuts down, and I help Nana clean up the house I find myself smiling and crying all in the same moment..I have loved the past 9 days...really I have...Lord, thank you for bringing Ryder's parents home safe, for looking over me and Nana, and for allowing me to see the greatness you have put in my grandson's heart...for that I love you.


  1. Don't make me cry!!! :) Eric said last night, by the time we have kids, Nana and Paw Paw will have had enough of grandkids! I told him, NEVER!!!

  2. When you sign on as Nana and Pawpaw there are no limitations to time...we will be ready and willing to love, play and adore all of our grandkids. Just have them before I get so old that I'm in diapers too...seriously.