Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend's Over..Back to School

Hey everybody...Pawpaw's letting me write again...he's helping alittle, but it's my thoughts, my ideas, and my story. Look a butterfly just flew by...over there.... I chilled most of the I am just hanging out, waiting to see what Nana and Pawpaw are going to give me for lunch....I'll be so glad when it's steak and potato time...vegetables are alright..but bring on the beef.

Here's Pawpaw carrying me out into the world...we are going shopping...I was hoping for Toys-R-Us, I got Target....but we did go through the toy department...well I think we did...I fell asleep and woke up in the car again.

Sunday Nana and Pawpaw took me for a walk to get them some smelled so good...Pawpaw told me he would buy me a steak one day, I am going to hold him to that.

Nana loves her pictures...especially ones of she is holding me while we wait for their food. It was a pretty day for a walk...I slept on the way back. I slept most of the walk, but still had fun.
Later Sunday night my Aunt Tori and Uncle Eric came to see me...well Nana too. It was Mother's Day and we all sat around and watched a movie. Here's Aunt Tori feeding me before I go to bed.
Uncle Eric took a turn, but I think I scare him..he gets nervous when he holds me, and quickly gives me back to someone. Hey look, there's my toy I was looking for over there by Pawpaw's chair.

Nana gave me my bottle, but I really didn't want to go to bed. Hey, I am almost 6 months old, I think I should be able to stay up til 9 at least...but Pawpaw took me upstairs and rocked me to sleep. And I slept through the night.
So this morning I got up around 5..I was excited. Pawpaw's going to take me to school, well daycare school, so I get to see my friends today. They think I need to be kept on my usual schedule, I agree. Pawpaw and Nana will come and pick me up this afternoon.
So that was my weekend, alot of cool stuff. Now back to school and more see I kinda run that place too...I am a mover and a shaker of many worlds.
I hope my mommy and daddy are having fun. They went on a big boat ride somewhere in the ocean. I hope it wasn't a Disney boat...I would be mad if it was. Anyway I hope they get some rest...I will soon be crawling around and walking after that...they will be busy chasing me around. So rest up folks, Mr-Rolls-A-Lot will soon be moving faster. I miss ya both, but seriously, go have a Yellowbird, is that right Pawpaw, and have fun...I'll write again real soon...Pawpaw said i could...Tucker is ok too..he plays alot...except for Carly..she's going to have puppies...Nana said they are going to be tiny...So off to school I go...Pawpaw...I'm ready to turn this thing off...


  1. We loved getting to see him! And we love you!

  2. It looks like he had a good time. I'm glad that Eric & Tori got to see him too! :) I bet he had a good time at Target- one of his favorite places!!