Monday, May 4, 2009

We Now Know The Sex of "Baby H".

Well, I just got off the phone...Matt called and we now the sex of the baby due in's a girl. That storks been flying around over our heads and we didn't know what "Baby H" was. Tricky little girl...gets that from her daddy. Wouldn't let us see what she was when they tried to ultrasound her mommy.

So Madeline, spelling might be different, will be awaited by Nana and Pawpaw. We can start buying "PINK" items..and stop buying yellows and greens...neutral colors...and dresses, Nana will be able to buy those little dresses she saw. And I will have to learn to play with dolls..I think those 10 years at Toys-R-Us will help me...I specialized in Barbie. Congrats Matt and Jordan, your little girl will be here soon. Soon your life will take a new turn, you will be responsible for a new life that will change you forever. She will be welcomed by many people who love her and will be eager to hold her and love her.

Now we know what these little pictures were...she was just laying back and crossing her legs to put us in agony. Stubborn already...lookout world here she comes, and with a attitude already.
Nana and Pawpaw decorated two rooms when the kids all for a little boy, and the other for a little girl..maybe the stork knew that..and blessed us with Ryder and Madeline, perfect fit.
So now we wait til August..seems thats all we do lately is wait...our Yorkie, Carly, is due late this month..we wait...Matt and Jordan's daughter is due in late August, so we wait...wait til the Lord blesses us with the answers. Until then we are in his hands.

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  1. Yay! I am so excited for you! We want to come see you when you have Ryder!! :)