Friday, July 24, 2009

Come On Stork...Hurry Up...We're Waiting!!!

The waiting time is getting shorter for "Baby H". She's due on August 26th I believe and I can't wait. She will be my second grandchild, but the first granddaughter. She looks like a dollhouse kinda girl doesn't she. She does to me, I look forward to playing tea party and Barbie's, whatever she wants.Matt and Jordan will soon be parents, a job that lasts a lifetime and fills your heart with joy. They will be great parents, I only wish that my parents were still alive to enjoy the days ahead.

My mom would have loved to hold Maddy, rock her, sing to her and tell her stories. Maybe the one about the spookyhouse from The Andy Griffith Show, that was Matt's favorite. Mom must have read that to him a thousand times. I have the copy of the storyline she wrote out so she wouldn't forget a word.
But that's what Grandparents do, spoil thier grandkids, showoff their grandkids, and love their grandkids. I look forward to Maddy's birth, and the enjoyment of her smile.
Jordan's shower is this weekend that Matt's Mom and Aunt Pam are having for them. They will have a great time and hopefully they will receive some of the baby items they need. Elsie and I hope to have another shower for them at a later date.
Soon a little bundle of love will be born. She will be born into a world that I wish was better for her, but maybe she will have the answers to the future of this world. Times have changed so much since Matt was a baby, now he's having one himself.
I refinished this bookshelf for Maddy's room, I hope to be able to pick a Pooh book off it someday and read her a story. The next month will soon be here and Mady's birth will follow.
We look forward to holding her, loving her and spoiling her...that's the job of a Pawpaw.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend of Ryder and Puppies, What Could Be Better

Look who came to spend some time with Nana and Pawpaw. It's "Sir Talkalot", Ryder. We really enjoyed having him spend Saturday night with us. We watched him and Tucker while the kids went out of town. A win, win situation for all of us.
Pawpaw and Ryder got to bond with the help of Shiloh. Yorkies, puppies and your grandchild, what else could be better. I still enjoy seeing that smile he gets when he see's me...precious. Nana enjoyed watching as Ryder took little steps from one spot to the next. If he isn't crawling at 100 miles a hour, he's up and trying to walk. Big steps for a little man. Soon Nana and Pawpaw will be chasing a little wild man all over the house. Take your time Ryder, Nana and Pawpaw aren't the kids we think we are.

Up and down, back and forth, he was moving all the time. So alert, and always grabbing stuff, a toy, a dog, a teether, a dog, another toy, and another dog. The Yorkies are on "Baby Alert" when Ryder comes to stay, his little hands grab things quickly, and the Yorkies have learned to step aside and survive, smart dogs aren't they.
So now Ryder has been picked up his parents, and Tucker has gone too. We miss them already, but know we will see them soon. Tucker was glad to leave the puppies, he never has liked little puppies. He use to hate seeing Tinkerbell coming at him, now they play like old friends.
Ryder is coming into the age of talking, walking and learning. His bright little eyes see everything...especially Kellie Pickler. When her videos come on, he sits mystified. Looking, staring, who is that girl and why is she so pretty. Maybe he'll like country music and is just getting a early start. Nay, he's just looking at a pretty girl and wishing he was older. Slow down Ryder, girls and dating are a long way ahead of you. There will be lots of time for that later.
So we had a great weekend. Time to go check on Nana and the puppies. Thanks for stopping by, and remember to stop and enjoy life and not rush things. Savor the many things in life that make you smile, and never stop smiling once you start. It makes the world a better place to live in.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Celebration 2009

Well we made it...9 dogs, 2 adults and a 5 hour drive....but it was worth every second...we enjoyed the 4th with family and watched fireworks for the first time with our grandson. He seemed to enjoy the whole experience but some of the bangs got him alittle.
This was Ryder's first real experience of the beach...he entered the water with a very serious look on his face. I think the giant bathtub scared him alittle at first, but he soon warmed up to the new adventure.

Scot lifts the little man to the ocean god's who will protect him whenever he enters the seas...something that will happen alot in his young life. He took to the ocean like a fish...soon he will be surfing with his daddy.Now remember to take this hat off when the chicks show up...ok? Come on...your killing me mommy..a boy's gotta look good for the ladies. And a chin strap ain't cool.

A boy, a ocean, a new adventure in life....what a wonderful way to spend a 4th of July. I really enjoyed watching my grandson's first real day at the beach. His parents were so happy to be able to bring Ryder to the beach and share his day with Pawpaw and Nana. Not even 8 months old yet and he's ready to become a surfer dude.
I hope everyone had a great 4th...Nana and Pawpaw did...and we made the trip with 4 adult dogs, 5 puppies and a Honda full of stuff....traffic was heavy and the weather was great.
And when I got back, my garden was still going strong...a good weekend indeed.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July to All

I hope everyone has a great 4th of safe and use sunblock.... and see ya soon...Pawpaw

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Puppydogs, Ryder and the kids at the pool..I am a blessed Pawpaw

Well I guess it's time to close my Father's Day blog entry...been on long enough for a tribute to the father's in my life.
We had a funfilled weekend, of course there was the puppies. Below is Tinkerbell and her half-sister, Haley, being entertained by Nana. Tinkerbell loves her brothers and sister, they play together all the time. We finished the Pooh bookcase we did for Matt and Jordan. Took some time, but I think it turned out alright. They will have fun filling it with books and toys for Madelyn, who's due next month. She will be our first granddaughter and together with Ryder will fill our lives with joy. And speaking of Ryder, he came over with his parents and swam in our pool. His first time in a pool, he kept a very serious look the whole time. Wasn't sure if we were in a giant tub or the ocean had died, just where were the waves.
I enjoyed taking Ryder around the pool like a motorboat...hope he enjoyed it too. Pawpaw loves that little guy.
We plan on going to the beach soon.....Nana where's my sandtoys...and Ryder's too. Poor Nana, she has two kids when Ryder and me get together...but she loves us both, she's an angel in a Nana body.
Laura tried to feed the little man some lunch but he didn't really like it...he had hope's for wings and crab legs..where he got that idea I don't you Scot?
He is a smaller version of his daddy, who is my favorite son-in-law, and will grow up to be the fine man his daddy is I know.
So all in all it was a great weekend...puppies, the kids, and Ryder....I am a blessed Pawpaw. And I get to share it with "my soulmate"...Nana. Why is that phrase so popular right now...hmmmm maybe something in the news...I don't know. Anyway hope your weekend was good...the 4th is only days away. Be careful with fireworks and don't burn the house down. Happy 4th of July from Pawpaw...hope to see ya'll back here really soon.