Friday, July 24, 2009

Come On Stork...Hurry Up...We're Waiting!!!

The waiting time is getting shorter for "Baby H". She's due on August 26th I believe and I can't wait. She will be my second grandchild, but the first granddaughter. She looks like a dollhouse kinda girl doesn't she. She does to me, I look forward to playing tea party and Barbie's, whatever she wants.Matt and Jordan will soon be parents, a job that lasts a lifetime and fills your heart with joy. They will be great parents, I only wish that my parents were still alive to enjoy the days ahead.

My mom would have loved to hold Maddy, rock her, sing to her and tell her stories. Maybe the one about the spookyhouse from The Andy Griffith Show, that was Matt's favorite. Mom must have read that to him a thousand times. I have the copy of the storyline she wrote out so she wouldn't forget a word.
But that's what Grandparents do, spoil thier grandkids, showoff their grandkids, and love their grandkids. I look forward to Maddy's birth, and the enjoyment of her smile.
Jordan's shower is this weekend that Matt's Mom and Aunt Pam are having for them. They will have a great time and hopefully they will receive some of the baby items they need. Elsie and I hope to have another shower for them at a later date.
Soon a little bundle of love will be born. She will be born into a world that I wish was better for her, but maybe she will have the answers to the future of this world. Times have changed so much since Matt was a baby, now he's having one himself.
I refinished this bookshelf for Maddy's room, I hope to be able to pick a Pooh book off it someday and read her a story. The next month will soon be here and Mady's birth will follow.
We look forward to holding her, loving her and spoiling her...that's the job of a Pawpaw.

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  1. Ohhh How cute, poohie is what Jack Jack calls him. :) This is so sweet! We miss you and love you Jeff!!