Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Puppydogs, Ryder and the kids at the pool..I am a blessed Pawpaw

Well I guess it's time to close my Father's Day blog entry...been on long enough for a tribute to the father's in my life.
We had a funfilled weekend, of course there was the puppies. Below is Tinkerbell and her half-sister, Haley, being entertained by Nana. Tinkerbell loves her brothers and sister, they play together all the time. We finished the Pooh bookcase we did for Matt and Jordan. Took some time, but I think it turned out alright. They will have fun filling it with books and toys for Madelyn, who's due next month. She will be our first granddaughter and together with Ryder will fill our lives with joy. And speaking of Ryder, he came over with his parents and swam in our pool. His first time in a pool, he kept a very serious look the whole time. Wasn't sure if we were in a giant tub or the ocean had died, just where were the waves.
I enjoyed taking Ryder around the pool like a motorboat...hope he enjoyed it too. Pawpaw loves that little guy.
We plan on going to the beach soon.....Nana where's my sandtoys...and Ryder's too. Poor Nana, she has two kids when Ryder and me get together...but she loves us both, she's an angel in a Nana body.
Laura tried to feed the little man some lunch but he didn't really like it...he had hope's for wings and crab legs..where he got that idea I don't you Scot?
He is a smaller version of his daddy, who is my favorite son-in-law, and will grow up to be the fine man his daddy is I know.
So all in all it was a great weekend...puppies, the kids, and Ryder....I am a blessed Pawpaw. And I get to share it with "my soulmate"...Nana. Why is that phrase so popular right now...hmmmm maybe something in the news...I don't know. Anyway hope your weekend was good...the 4th is only days away. Be careful with fireworks and don't burn the house down. Happy 4th of July from Pawpaw...hope to see ya'll back here really soon.

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  1. Jeff- Thanks again for sharing the pool! We had such a fun time and thanks for watching hin so that we could have a great date night. I can't wait for the beach trip!! Love Lulie