Sunday, June 21, 2009


What does it take to make a father...alot of things..from hugs in the middle of the night, to throwing the ball in the backyard, and many things more, but one main ingredient is Love. Enjoy some pictures of the Father's in my life. Here's my dad, Jerry, and his favorite Yorkie lap buddy...Shiloh. Pop would rub that dog into a knot..Shiloh didn't mind, we didn't either. I miss you Pop....Happy Father's Day. I know the kid on the right, Matt's my son...the skinnier guy on the right I think I knew him once.
People always ask why I dressed up as a greek god? I always reply "what do you mean by dressed up?". That's what I use to wear as leisureware around the house..have you never found that perfect outfit. And no, Matt's gun wasn't loaded..but his might have been.Matt and Pop were two peas in a pod...they were able to build a relationship many people only dream of...I was happy for both of them. Matt misses his Pop, but he has a heart full of memories.
Ryder made me a "Pawpaw"...a job I take very serious. I have had the opportunity to work on my skills with him so I can be a Pawpaw to my granddaughter who will be born in August. Have you ever seen a cuter pose of a surfing grandchild.
Ryder is blessed to have a father who adores him with no questions asked. Scot is my only son-in-law and the best one I have. I am so proud of him, and couldn't ask for a better husband for my daughter, a better father for my grandson. Happy Father's Day Scot, I love you.
Meet my granddaughter, she's due in August. She will be our first granddaughter. As Pawpaw to a girl I will be playing with dolls and drinking invisible tea, so don't put me in the home's allowed in the grandparents rule book.
Jordan and Matt will be parents soon, bringing into this world a little girl who will be the apple of her daddy's eye. Happy Pre-Father's Day Matt, enjoy your day and the silence before the storm, I love you. You will be a great dad...remember to enjoy every moment...Pop would have loved to play Barbie with her...a job I plan to do in his honor.
So on this Father's Day I have alot to be thankful for. A grandson who has his Pawpaw rapped around his little finger.
A granddaughter, who will make me do some of the silliest things I hope I can do for her.

I am proud to be Pawpaw...a job that has a holiday called Grandparents Day..but on Father's Day you get the whole picture. You get the love that comes with being a parent, a Father. So Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and to the dad's in my life..Scot and Matt..I love you guys...and to Pop, I miss you everyday and hope your watching from the clouds...I love you "poppyseed"...your son....Jeff...aka Pawpaw.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fab Five feeding time

Well I guess I'll have to go back on my word..but this video is precious and I had to add it to a blog and this one was lucky...Carly is a great momma...whenever the puppies seem hungry she will flop over and feed her pups...hope you enjoy it and talk to ya later...I will post a human interest story over the weekend, please check back.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Girl at 89

I know this was only to be for humans this week, but come on...Shiloh, the dock, what man could resist his best friend and a photo opt. He loves to look for fish...and I love to not catch them, we are a pair.
While we were at Granny's for her birthday this little bird kept coming to the railing and sitting. It sat there for over a hour and finally flew away. But came back and sat some more. Granny said she has a couple of birds that does that. I saw one fly back and forth from her best friends house, who recently passed away. I felt it was a sign that she was checking in on Granny..something they use to always do. It was nature at it's best, and very touching to my heart.
Granny had a grand time, and we enjoyed sitting outside and chatting for hours. Notice where Tinkerbell is...laying on usual. They are loyal to their owners for sure. And don't go far from the hand that feeds them.
Granny turned 89...and is still going strong...I hope I have half as much energy next year, much less at 89. We will go visit again as soon as we can. I enjoy our talks, since Pop passed away, Granny is the closest parent I have...tough being a orphan.
Well that's all I got right now...I'll try and update as soon as time allows.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yorkie Puppies Road Trip...We Must Be Crazy.

I know I have the other blog for our Yorkies but it really spilled over into Pawpaw's Wisdom this weekend. Nana and I drove to the beach to celebrate Nana's mom's 89th birthday. We did it with 9 dogs....NINE. We left early on Saturday to avoid the puppies getting too roughed up. But still with 9 dogs you have problems...getting the big ones settled, the puppies relocated from their pen to a box in the back seat. And all the stuff that dogs's like having kids again.
The father of our puppies was a smaller Yorkie, pictured below, and Carly was only 5 pounds to begin with. Thus our puppies are smaller than Tinkerbell was at the same age. That helped alot since we were packed to the roof. That is the coolest thing about can have 9 dogs and still only have about 25 pounds of dogs.The puppies celebrated their 3 week birthday on Monday, getting older and getting fatter. Nothing is more beautiful than Yorkie puppies...can't be. They crawl around and paw at stuff...yap at their mommy and make all kinds of noises when you pick them up.
So we made it back home safe and sound on Monday. Would I do it again? Of course I would...I love my dogs and I love my family...and together it always works out. It was great to wish Granny a happy birthday, visit the beach and go fish a little.
So that's it for now. I will update on the pups in Waterside Yorkies...and give Pawpaw's Wisdom back to the humans. Thanks for stopping by and please come back.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guess who came to dinner?

Well Nana and Pawpaw got to see their next grandchild...well we kinda saw her...she's still in her mommie's tummy...we were happy to see her parents also. Jordan looks cute with her little belly bump.She told me she was doing good and that she was going for checkups like she should. They decided on Madelyn for her name....shortened to Maddie I think they said.
Matt and Jordan are really excited about the baby...we gave them some baby stuff and they were so happy to play with the toys and lay out the clothes...little girl clothes are so cute. We have been collecting baby stuff for years...thinking someday we would have grandkids...ours kids have helped us out. We were blessed with Ryder last November, and will have Madelyn this August.

Matt is excited about having a little will be fun to watch when she starts dating...we'll see how Matt likes it as a daddy....a tough job for sure. But that's long, long away...first we have to get little Madelyn into this world. Until then we will keep getting girl stuff and boy stuff for our grandkids...and for us too...Nana and Pawpaw are both kids at heart..maybe someday we'll grow up...or maybe not.
We look forward to playing with both of them, tea parties and sword fights...dresses and classes and football games...the future looks very good...something we all need...a bright future ahead.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Surfer's Beware of the Future

A new dawn has begun...out in the waves of tomorrow is an new hero....a superstar....a surfer that will cause the competitors to fall off their boards in amazement. He is a true "Zimzala"...waves fear him. Magazines have tried to find out who this new star of tomorrow is...but only we know who he is... Master of both the longboard and shortboard, he has taken the "Mcflip" to a new level. Oh, he does his share of "plungers" but he has mastered the waves at 6 months of age.

Whether he uses single fins or "twinzer's" he can't be stopped, by anyone, any ocean, any curl.
Waves will be conquered, put into history by a single surfer...who is this star of tomorrow?

He goes by many names, knows many people and has weakened the mightiest surfer...he started out known as "Mr. Rolls-A-Lot"...he is now known as a "El Rollo", a surfer who has taken an "old school" move and transformed it into history.
His name is Ryder...surfer dude from the carolina's, heartbreaker to girls, legend to be talked of...hang ten little man, hang ten...