Monday, June 1, 2009

Surfer's Beware of the Future

A new dawn has begun...out in the waves of tomorrow is an new hero....a superstar....a surfer that will cause the competitors to fall off their boards in amazement. He is a true "Zimzala"...waves fear him. Magazines have tried to find out who this new star of tomorrow is...but only we know who he is... Master of both the longboard and shortboard, he has taken the "Mcflip" to a new level. Oh, he does his share of "plungers" but he has mastered the waves at 6 months of age.

Whether he uses single fins or "twinzer's" he can't be stopped, by anyone, any ocean, any curl.
Waves will be conquered, put into history by a single surfer...who is this star of tomorrow?

He goes by many names, knows many people and has weakened the mightiest surfer...he started out known as "Mr. Rolls-A-Lot"...he is now known as a "El Rollo", a surfer who has taken an "old school" move and transformed it into history.
His name is Ryder...surfer dude from the carolina's, heartbreaker to girls, legend to be talked of...hang ten little man, hang ten...


  1. Haha thats the funniest thing! How sweet :) He might just grow up to be a great surfer. Love the song on your blog too, its very sweet. Thanks again for watching baby boy. Looks like he had a great time as always. Love you

  2. I think he's about the cutest little surfer I ever saw!! Our little Ryder is gonna be a heart breaker for sure!! We enjoyed him as usual!! Love, Nana