Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guess who came to dinner?

Well Nana and Pawpaw got to see their next grandchild...well we kinda saw her...she's still in her mommie's tummy...we were happy to see her parents also. Jordan looks cute with her little belly bump.She told me she was doing good and that she was going for checkups like she should. They decided on Madelyn for her name....shortened to Maddie I think they said.
Matt and Jordan are really excited about the baby...we gave them some baby stuff and they were so happy to play with the toys and lay out the clothes...little girl clothes are so cute. We have been collecting baby stuff for years...thinking someday we would have grandkids...ours kids have helped us out. We were blessed with Ryder last November, and will have Madelyn this August.

Matt is excited about having a little will be fun to watch when she starts dating...we'll see how Matt likes it as a daddy....a tough job for sure. But that's long, long away...first we have to get little Madelyn into this world. Until then we will keep getting girl stuff and boy stuff for our grandkids...and for us too...Nana and Pawpaw are both kids at heart..maybe someday we'll grow up...or maybe not.
We look forward to playing with both of them, tea parties and sword fights...dresses and classes and football games...the future looks very good...something we all need...a bright future ahead.

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