Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year to All

It's been a wild 2010...up's and down's as life has been kind one minute and mean the next. But through it all I have been blessed with 2 beautiful grandkids. They have made my life so much fuller and happier. Even on my worst day they can get me to smile and feel so loved. When I look at their pictures I see how much they have grown and how much I enjoy watching them grow.
Whether it's a picture of Ryder looking for pumpkins on a fall day...
or a quiet moment with my granddaughter, Maddy at the pool...I see my mom in Maddy's eyes....such beautiful eyes she has. Hi Mom...I know your in there somewhere.

My grandkids have made 2010 a good year...let's hope 2011 will be even better.
So from Pawpaw and his beatiful granddaughter and handsome grandson we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may 2011 be better for all of us..especially our children and our grandkids.

And Maddy would like to wish everyone to smile a little more and love one another a little more too. Who can refuse those beautiful eyes...come on people do it for Maddy. Call your old friend you haven't talked to in awhile, or that relative you been meaning to call but have put off....let's make 2011 the year to improve the world and make life a little more better for all of us.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from Pawpaw and may God watch over each and everyone of you and your families. I hope you will come back next year and visit with me again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well, the big day has finally arrived...my granddaughter has turned the corner and is headed to toddlerhood. My little Maddy is "1" today and just as beautiful as she was the day she was born, but then I'm her Pawpaw so I might be a little prejudicious.
She is that beautiful angel who came into my life just a year ago. I have been able to watch her grow from a little bundle of love into a pre-toddler and soon a full scale toddler, always on the go.She seems to be a very vocal little girl....talking, humming and singing all the time. Soon she will be trying out for "American Idol" and I will spend all night calling in and voting for her, because she deserves to win everything she tries out for. But I'm her Pawpaw and I might be a little prejudicious about whatever she does."HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDY", I Love You and wish your day be very special for you. As special as you are to me. Now go eat some cake and smear it all over the place...like a good little girl should do on her birthday. And tell them "Pawpaw said I could".

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maddy's Guardian Angel from Heaven.

Maddy's never seen my Mom, she passed away before she was born. But just like Bettyboop, Mom is watching over her from the sky each and everyday. From Heaven "Memaw" is guarding over you. When I look into Maddy's eyes I see a little bit of Mom that makes me feel her presense is near. I am a proud "Pawpaw", just like Mom was a proud "Memaw" to Matt, Maddy's daddy. So life goes on in our grandchildren, We hope and pray that their lives will be better than ours.
And with the love that Maddy has, she has a great foundation to grow on. She is a very loved little girl.

You can see the love in her parents eyes, in the way they take care of her and in the way she makes them feel.

You've come along way little girl, and have a lot ahead of you. Each day you change, each day you grow more and more into that woman you will be someday. Into that adult that hopefully will change this world we live in and make it a better place. You already have made some changes just by being born, you have a lot more to do.

But I know you become whatever you dream of becoming. Great things lay ahead of you and the world will be waiting to see what you do. I Love You Maddy and will always have a hug waiting for you, that's what a "Pawpaw" does.

An Angel Gets Ready For Her 1st Birthday

Well, the days are ticking down to Maddy's first birtday. How a year has passed already is beyond me, but she has grown so much in just a year. I remember when Matt and Jordan showed us this picture, our first look at an angel.
Matt and Jordan have had their hands full, but have down an excellent job in being there for Maddy. I am so proud of them as parents and know that Maddy is being loved everyday.

She has really changed from that first day I saw her at the hospital, the first time I held her, the first time she spent the night with us.
I get lost in her little eyes, she lifts my spirits when I need them lifted and makes me smile everytime I see her.

So Maddy your Pawpaw can't wait to see you. To look into those blue eyes and see what a angel looks like. Soon we will be wishing you a happy birthday and looking back at what a wonderful year you have had and how you have touched so many people and filled their lives with love.
I can't wait to see you, because a Pawpaw needs his granddaughter's hugs, to give butterfly kisses with and watch grow each and every step of the way. I Love You Maddy and will be counting the minutes til I see you and wish you a Happy Birthday in person. To help you celebrate a year of growth, of love and of dreams that have come true.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tornados, Heavy Rains and Pawpaw's Storm Shelter

Well, let's see I came over for something....oh yeah, a cup of sugar and a large tarp....my trailer has a little hole in it.
We had a little storm run through our county and over a some people's homes. Luckily no one was hurt in this trailer. The poor guy was trapped under the tree, but managed to get out.

And speaking of luck, I was able to use my storm shelter that Nana gave me when we first got married. It's gotten smaller, or I've gotten bigger...but I was able to weather the storm. I know it tilts a little, but I'm grateful I had it. Just don't know why the dogs stare at me when I get in it.

Now, the storm was a windy one for sure, gust up to almost 100 miles a hour. They said the 2 tornados were EF-1's....guess that means "Extra Fierce One's". All I know is that it looked bad from the storm shelter I was in.

The TV news had it coming right to our house, but lucky for us it went north. Not lucky for the people it went to. Trees came down, houses caught fire, lots of messes to clean up.

The last time I saw a Tornado was when I was 16 year old and my folks and I were headed to my Mom's family in Missouri...Kansas City. Pop was asleep in the front seat, Mom was out in the back and there I was listening to the radio and driving along when they said a Tornado was sighted near some town. I didn't know it was just ahead of us. I had to wake Pop, scared him to death, I just wanted someone to see the funnel out the car's side window....wild looking thing for sure. We pulled up under a bridge and watched as it went over us. Mom woke up when it started to whistle....about scared her to death too....and she was from these parts.
So we survived the "Tornado's of Summer 2010" and luckily no one was killed. Just alot of property damage and a bunch of downed trees.

Thanks for checking on us and letting me tell ya about the wild storm we had. I guess I should go outside and check around my storm shelter and make sure everything is ok. You never know when another storm might be heading our way...I'm just glad that Nana got me this thing to stay in...just don't know why the dogs always stare at me in it....and they have funny looking smiles on their faces.
Must be jealousy, because I got such a nice place to stay in when Nana tells me to go get in my shelter...she calls it a french word I think..."dawghowce"...catchy ain't it. I call it "Pawpaw's Palace"....just enough room for me and my wisdom.
Thanks again for checking in on Pawpaw and I hope you'll come back and visit again. And remember guys, for safety purposes it's good to get a "dawghowce" to stay in like Pawpaw.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodbye Capt. Phil, We'll Miss Ya and So Will The Crabs

Well, the wait will soon be over...tonight the Discovery Channel will air the episode that everyone has been waiting for....the 2 hour tribute to Captain Phil Harris.
Now, not everyone watches the show...I didn't at first, but slowly the show grew on my, like barnacles on a boat.
Tonight, we see who Capt. Phil is, why we love him and why we'll miss him. And since he was only 53 years old, I can relate to his shorten life, for I am 53 years old also.
The show will be an emotional one for sure, we will see his 2 sons, his crew and everyone who knew him pay tribute to a man who was kind-hearted, full of vinegar and told you what you didn't want to hear, but needed to be said.
We'll see how one man made such a large impact on a show, on people and on the TV viewers. There will be alot of toasts, in alot of bars tonight, followed by a tear to two also. For Capt. Phil led the life that most men dream of sometime in their lives...a life on the sea....just fishing, or crabbing, and being free on the sea.

Capt. Phil leaves his two sons, who worked with him on the Cornelia Marie, out of Seattle. They were with him when he suffered the stroke. Everyone was watching as they took him away, would he be ok, he had to be, he's Capt. Phil Harris.
But sadly we find out that we all have our time coming, we don't know when, or how. And the show teaches us to love our family, our friends and not let time pass without saying what we need to say or telling someone we love them.

So watch the show, cry a few tears and have a beer in his honor. And remember you won't be alone, for all the fans of the "Deadliest Catch" will be toasting along with ya. We lose one of the shows favorites characters and wiseguys. We read that as he was passing, lying there, knowing that he soon would be leaving us, he passed a note to the cameraman that read "keep filming".
He loved being on the show and we loved watching him....now he's watching us. This one's for you Capt. Phil...the next 5 are mine....time to grab the tissue box and wait for the show.
I lost my dad a few years back, I don't go a day without thinking of him, his laugh, his smile, his temper, his big heart....I know the Harris boys will miss their dad...I still miss mine. I Love You "Poppyseed"....the next one will be for you "Pop"....watch for Phil...he's wild like your were....maybe that's why I watched the show.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010



It's that time of the year
for the red white and blue
They stand for freedom
in all you say and do

Show off those colors
for all the world to see
Fly them proudly over
the air the land and sea

We celebrate the birth
of our blessed country
It surely is indeed
the land of the free

- Author Unknown


From my family to yours may your 4th be a safe one, may you enjoy time spent with family and friends, and may God bless you and your family each and everyday,


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out in blogland. I hope you enjoy your day, your celebration's and all the love your getting on this day.
I am enjoying my day....so please check back later...won't you.
So call your dad now, tell him you love him. And if you go visit your dad, hug him like there's no tomorrow. Look him in his eyes and see how much he loves you too.
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's...enjoy your day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's in my life.

Pictured below is a Angel with wings...well waterwings...she is the youngest member of our family and with her mommy will be celebrating "Mother's Day". When I think of Mother's Day I remember my mom, she is deeply missed by all, but I know my son misses her the most. He and mom had a bond that all kids dream of and few have. She was a special lady, a wonderful mom and a fantastic "Memaw".
When I look at my granddaughter I see my mom...especially in her smile. Mom would have loved this little girl. And does, only from Heaven, I miss you Mom....I love you.
Maddy has enlightened us all...she came by recently to swim at our pool. She has grown so much in these first 10 months. Because of Maddy, Jordan gets to celebrate her first "Mother's Day".
"Happy Mother's Day" Jordan...I love you.
Mom also would have loved playing with Ryder...he's my grandson and because of him, I am "Pawpaw". I really had never thought about what I wanted to be called. But "Pawpaw" fits me, and has a lot of meaning to me. So when Laura was pregnate with Ryder I decided on "Pawpaw".
Ryder is my daughter's son, Laura will be celebrating her 2nd "Mother's Day". You have become a great Mom, like your.
Just check Ryder out in his new chair...styling and profiling. He's going to be girl magnet when he gets a little older, he'll use that smile of his and break many a heart.We are blessed with 2 healthy, beautiful grandchildren and because of them my kids get to celebrate "Mother's Day".

Jordan is a great mommy...she will never let anyone break Maddy's heart...boys don't be scared of Maddy's Daddy....watch out for her Mama. You can see the love in Jordan's eyes when she looks at Maddy.

Laura is a awesome mommy too. You can see her expressions in Ryder's face....it reminds me of when Laura was younger and still at home and how she would look at me when I was joking with her or telling her a tale....he has her down to a "T". "Happy Mother's Day" Laura...I love you.

And the woman who is Mama to all of our kids is my wife, she is "Nana", grandmother to Ryder and Maddy. She loves kids, big ones like me and of course her 2 grandkids also. "Happy Mother's Day" Elsie....I love you.

And the leader of all of the Mom's is "Granny"...my wife's Mom. She will be 90 soon and just got her driver's license renewed...going strong on all cyclinders. She is a mom, a grandmom and a greatgrandmom..."Happy Mother's Day" Granny....I love you.So even after my Mom left us and went to Heaven, I still have a collection of Mother's in my life. Each one very special to my heart and to my world. I love you all and wish that your "Mother's Day" is a great one.

And to all of the Moms reading my blog, I hope you too have a great day. And to all the guys...call you mom. If everyday was as special as "Mother's Day", we would be a lot better off in this world. Everyone seems to have a little more love in their heart, a little more caring in their actions and the world seems to slow down for a little while..so all the Moms can have their day...maybe everyday should be "Mother's Day".

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Days From The Old Neighborhood

Well, I talked to some friends who live in the Washington, DC area and yes it is true...they had a little snow storm recently.There are so many highways and roads in the DC area...but with plows and sand trucks are able to keep some of the city open.
They had up to 30" of snow fall and are expecting more on Tuesday...30" would shut Charlotte down for 2 weeks...they close schools here just because it might snow. I guess better safe than sorry.
The Washington Post gets delivered no matter what the weather is like...I can't get my Charlotte Observer delivered in warm weather even close to my front door...and when it snows..it's a crap-shoot if I get it that day or the next.

That's a football fan...no that's a SKINS fan for ya....dedicated true and true...maybe next year boys...I still love ya..can't get the burgandy and gold out of my blood. Too many years sitting in old RFK Stadium watching home games back in the 60's-80's my guess. I am happy to see Russ Grimm going to the Hall of Fame in Canton...Old Hogs never die...they just go to the Hall of Fame.

And I watched on tv the Dupont Circle snowball fight...they arranged it on facebook and had a great turnout. Hey I would have gone if I live in the area..a chance to smack someone with a snowball...great fun.

Now this is what our road crews look like in the Charlotte area....2 guys with shovels given it their best....we do have a few trucks...but still not enough for the snow we do get. We got 6" and it cause major problems for schools and roads. And it's funny...most of the people who live here are from areas with snow...they forget how to drive in it once they get here...we need practice snow to teach them how to drive again in snow.
Now this is what smart people do with snow...make a cooler for their beer....who needs ice when you got a cooler like this one...great idea.
So that's my take on the DC Snowstorm of 2010...I remember large snowstorms back in the 60's that we would tunnel in...schools would open the next day and we had to walk...not barefoot, but it was uphill alittle. I only rode the bus in middle school only...we had to walk to school..but then we had these things called sidewalks...and people used them daily...we didn't all have cars for each member of the family..times have change alittle.
I told my wife about sledding down hills in the park and roads that would be closed off just for sledding. Great fun and great memories...I still have my sled from when I was 5-6 years old...Radio Flyer...great condition...and a metal disk that's like the one Chevy Chase used in that movie..sparks fly when you hit asphalt. Good luck DC and keep that snow up north...if I need more I'll drive to the mountains. Spring will be here soon and we can all sit back and remember the Snowstorm of 2010.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bride Turns 21 Today

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We Love You Jordan

Well the day has arrived...Jordan has turned 21...let the party begin. What a year she has had...she became a mother, a wife and turned 21...most people are only lucky enough to have one of these happen. Jordan had all three...I love my daughter-in-law and wish her the very best birthday she can have.

Maddy's momma is 21 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jordan and I hope your day is a very special one. Nana and I love you with all our hearts and look forward to celebrating with you this weekend.
You have had a wonderful year from 20 to 21....a lifetime of memories in one year. You are a great daughter, a super mom, a loving wife and a beautiful daughter-in-law...Matt and you have a lifetime ahead of you all and I only wish the best for you.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, and now go have fun. We love you, Nana and Pawpaw

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thursday Night.....Wedding Night

Ok, so Thursday night wasn't our usual "Senior Disco Nite" down at the lodge. Nana and I are known for cutting a mean rug....she loves her Guns-n-Roses to rock to...look at our moves...go Nana go. Alright, we aren't that old yet...but we sure feel like it at times. We did have a great Thursday night, a new chapter in our lives, our son's life and our blog.We went to the county courthouse for a small civil ceremony for our son and his fiancee. It was really a unplanned thing and we had to dash in the rainy night to get there.
And with my injured foot it was a battle for my wife to get me anywhere....how she carried me for 6 blocks, uphill, and in the rain...she is a remarkable woman. But seriously it was rainy all the way to the courthouse..and she ran along side of me as I limped. And then I forgot my wallet so we had to limp back to the car for it.
Matt had called us on Wednesday to let us know that he and Jordan were going to be married by a Magistrate down at the local courthouse and wanted to let us know so we could be there...like we would miss this..we love Jordan and she and Matt are great for each other..they will have a wonderful life together.

We would have some nice pictures of the ceremony if the Magistrate hadn't told us we couldn't take any pictures...Nana almost spent the night in jail for violation of local photo laws...you know she loves her camera, she was yeld at for taking pictures...my wife the felon...lol.
So we will just have to skip that part of the wedding and move on to the dinner afterwards and the beginning of their lives together. Just imagine that this is Matt and Jordan below...
We are so happy for them, they have grown up quite a bit in this last year...and now a new chapter has begun for them...marriage.Matt, Jordan and Maddy will start off the 2010 year with a whole new decade for them to start their lives together. And with the love in their hearts and the Lord watching over them, they will battle all the problems of life together.
It was a very short, but to the point ceremony..with rings being exchanged and a nice kiss at the end. I would have let Nana take a picture but we really don't have bail money to throw away right now and I really didn't want to go home alone.
It was just Jordan's mom, and of course Maddy...Nana and me...and Matt's mom and her husband...one big happy family with lots of love for the kids.
I have even included pictures of Matt's stepdad and his mother...look at this nice shot of Debbie and Mike...well Debbie's kinda blocked out...but it was the thought that counts .......right? She's behind the menu, see her head right by Mike's nose...there's her elbow by the picture of the steak on the menu...I do take good photo's.
Ok...here she is..the Mother-of-the-Groom....see I can be nice at times. She was as happy for the kids as I was, and we can be happy for each other despite the divorce.
Father and Son share a hug..he was glad that his old man hopped his way to the courthouse for him. Like I would have missed this night...silly boy. Both legs could be broken and I would have crawled all the way..that's what Father's do for their kids...he'll learn with Maddy.
So after the wedding vows were over we all went to a local restuarant for a nice dinner to celebrate. Matt and Jordan make a lovely couple and are great parents too. They are blessed with each other and with God in their hearts, will have a wonderful life and marriage.
And look at this nice picture of Debbie, Jordan, Matt and me...Nana took this one right before getting yelled at for taking pictures. Run Nana..."bad girl, bad girl, what ya going to do, what ya going to do when they come for you"....Matt loves "Cops"...who knew his step-mom would be the one who got into trouble...it usually follow me and Matt...lol.
Here's Uncle Eric and Aunt Tori holding little Maddy...and of course she's looking across the table at her parents. Always watching what's going on in the world, Maddy is a very alert child.
And I took my turn...I always will take my turn, your turn, whoevers turn...I just love holding my little angel granddaughter. Her smile melts me and reminds me of my mom still. It's like holding a little "minnie memaw".
And Nana was as happy as I was to see the kids go to the next level of life...and can you believe it Nana...we are done with all of our kids and marriage. Three for three, empty nesters...life has begun for all of us.
Here I go again...crazy old Pawpaw holding his little curly haired angel. She has grown up so much in 5 months...very serious look on her...very silly look on me. But I'm Pawpaw the silly, but loving granddad...she loves me...so I will make faces, make noise, whatever she wants.
Jordan's momma, Maggie, took a turn in holding Maddy too. She has been a very big help in raising the kids...she took them under her wing and we hope she knows how much we appreciate and love her for it. Wonder where Maddy gets her curly hair from.......
So it was a great night all around...a nice ceremony, followed by a large dinner gathering to celebrate. We will have a couple of more celebrations later for the kids.
Their lives have moved to the next level of life...Mr. and Mrs. "H". We love you two and will always be there for you, and Maddy too.
So now go on with your lives and start building memories...love each other each day and remember that we all love you two and Maddy too. That we all are family and will love you and help you whenever you need it. And with Love and the Lord in your heart, you both will go on and show Maddy just what love is, what marriage is and how to be great parents. God Bless you both and remember that Nana and I both love you with all of our hearts.