Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maddy's Guardian Angel from Heaven.

Maddy's never seen my Mom, she passed away before she was born. But just like Bettyboop, Mom is watching over her from the sky each and everyday. From Heaven "Memaw" is guarding over you. When I look into Maddy's eyes I see a little bit of Mom that makes me feel her presense is near. I am a proud "Pawpaw", just like Mom was a proud "Memaw" to Matt, Maddy's daddy. So life goes on in our grandchildren, We hope and pray that their lives will be better than ours.
And with the love that Maddy has, she has a great foundation to grow on. She is a very loved little girl.

You can see the love in her parents eyes, in the way they take care of her and in the way she makes them feel.

You've come along way little girl, and have a lot ahead of you. Each day you change, each day you grow more and more into that woman you will be someday. Into that adult that hopefully will change this world we live in and make it a better place. You already have made some changes just by being born, you have a lot more to do.

But I know you become whatever you dream of becoming. Great things lay ahead of you and the world will be waiting to see what you do. I Love You Maddy and will always have a hug waiting for you, that's what a "Pawpaw" does.

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