Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thursday Night.....Wedding Night

Ok, so Thursday night wasn't our usual "Senior Disco Nite" down at the lodge. Nana and I are known for cutting a mean rug....she loves her Guns-n-Roses to rock to...look at our moves...go Nana go. Alright, we aren't that old yet...but we sure feel like it at times. We did have a great Thursday night, a new chapter in our lives, our son's life and our blog.We went to the county courthouse for a small civil ceremony for our son and his fiancee. It was really a unplanned thing and we had to dash in the rainy night to get there.
And with my injured foot it was a battle for my wife to get me she carried me for 6 blocks, uphill, and in the rain...she is a remarkable woman. But seriously it was rainy all the way to the courthouse..and she ran along side of me as I limped. And then I forgot my wallet so we had to limp back to the car for it.
Matt had called us on Wednesday to let us know that he and Jordan were going to be married by a Magistrate down at the local courthouse and wanted to let us know so we could be we would miss this..we love Jordan and she and Matt are great for each other..they will have a wonderful life together.

We would have some nice pictures of the ceremony if the Magistrate hadn't told us we couldn't take any pictures...Nana almost spent the night in jail for violation of local photo know she loves her camera, she was yeld at for taking wife the
So we will just have to skip that part of the wedding and move on to the dinner afterwards and the beginning of their lives together. Just imagine that this is Matt and Jordan below...
We are so happy for them, they have grown up quite a bit in this last year...and now a new chapter has begun for them...marriage.Matt, Jordan and Maddy will start off the 2010 year with a whole new decade for them to start their lives together. And with the love in their hearts and the Lord watching over them, they will battle all the problems of life together.
It was a very short, but to the point ceremony..with rings being exchanged and a nice kiss at the end. I would have let Nana take a picture but we really don't have bail money to throw away right now and I really didn't want to go home alone.
It was just Jordan's mom, and of course Maddy...Nana and me...and Matt's mom and her big happy family with lots of love for the kids.
I have even included pictures of Matt's stepdad and his mother...look at this nice shot of Debbie and Mike...well Debbie's kinda blocked out...but it was the thought that counts .......right? She's behind the menu, see her head right by Mike's nose...there's her elbow by the picture of the steak on the menu...I do take good photo's. she is..the Mother-of-the-Groom....see I can be nice at times. She was as happy for the kids as I was, and we can be happy for each other despite the divorce.
Father and Son share a hug..he was glad that his old man hopped his way to the courthouse for him. Like I would have missed this night...silly boy. Both legs could be broken and I would have crawled all the way..that's what Father's do for their kids...he'll learn with Maddy.
So after the wedding vows were over we all went to a local restuarant for a nice dinner to celebrate. Matt and Jordan make a lovely couple and are great parents too. They are blessed with each other and with God in their hearts, will have a wonderful life and marriage.
And look at this nice picture of Debbie, Jordan, Matt and me...Nana took this one right before getting yelled at for taking pictures. Run Nana..."bad girl, bad girl, what ya going to do, what ya going to do when they come for you"....Matt loves "Cops"...who knew his step-mom would be the one who got into usually follow me and
Here's Uncle Eric and Aunt Tori holding little Maddy...and of course she's looking across the table at her parents. Always watching what's going on in the world, Maddy is a very alert child.
And I took my turn...I always will take my turn, your turn, whoevers turn...I just love holding my little angel granddaughter. Her smile melts me and reminds me of my mom still. It's like holding a little "minnie memaw".
And Nana was as happy as I was to see the kids go to the next level of life...and can you believe it Nana...we are done with all of our kids and marriage. Three for three, empty has begun for all of us.
Here I go again...crazy old Pawpaw holding his little curly haired angel. She has grown up so much in 5 months...very serious look on her...very silly look on me. But I'm Pawpaw the silly, but loving granddad...she loves I will make faces, make noise, whatever she wants.
Jordan's momma, Maggie, took a turn in holding Maddy too. She has been a very big help in raising the kids...she took them under her wing and we hope she knows how much we appreciate and love her for it. Wonder where Maddy gets her curly hair from.......
So it was a great night all around...a nice ceremony, followed by a large dinner gathering to celebrate. We will have a couple of more celebrations later for the kids.
Their lives have moved to the next level of life...Mr. and Mrs. "H". We love you two and will always be there for you, and Maddy too.
So now go on with your lives and start building each other each day and remember that we all love you two and Maddy too. That we all are family and will love you and help you whenever you need it. And with Love and the Lord in your heart, you both will go on and show Maddy just what love is, what marriage is and how to be great parents. God Bless you both and remember that Nana and I both love you with all of our hearts.


  1. Aww, Maddy is getting to be such a big girl! She is so pretty :) We will have to get together soon, and I'm sorry we missed the wedding. We love you and are so happy for Matt and Jordan.

  2. That was so much fun!! :) Thanks for sharing the pics