Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Year, A New Beginning

Well it's been a busy start to the new's been up and down, more problems in the world and the economy has still not turned around yet.
But the world is getting better, with a little help from my son....he and his fiancee are scheduled to be wed this evening. A small gathering at the local courthouse, with a celebration and party later. It will still be beautiful, and it will make me little boy has grown up...but I as so happy for him, and for Jordan. They are good for each other and are great parents for Maddy.
We knew the wedding would be sometime this year, since last year has ended. But when, and where?

After months of trying to set a date, this year, last year, whenever, whereever....they decided to get married today...well..tonight. I will post a update as soon as I can and will of course put some photos up too. I hope you enjoy the music has a wide variety of music tastes...and all songs have a meaning and a memory with them.

Wedding Animations

So again, please put them in your prayers and I will repost a update as soon as possible. Nana and Pawpaw have officially married off all their kids...we have reached the next level of empty nesters...all kids grown, all kids married.
I am so happy for them ...they will have a wonderful life ahead of them. God will watch over them and help them through life's journey. Thanks for stopping by and please check back soon for my update and wedding picture's.
And Matt remember that we love you and Jordan and will always be there for you...and we look forward to you and Jordan making the best of whatever the Lord has planned for you. We know that Maddy has changed both of your lives, but remember to just look at that little girls eyes and you will see that whatever happens in your will be alright and you can make it. If not for yourselves, then for Maddy...and that is Pawpaw's Wisdom for today....keep life's journey, a learning experience and learn from your mistakes and grow with each days lesson. No where does it say in the bible that it's going to be easy...God only makes it worth the battles of life to be rewarded in Heaven.
God Bless You Both and remember that we love you guys...and wish you the very best. See ya tonight and remember to bring tissues... I have a very large, but soft my Mama's.

Love You Matt, Jordan and Maddy,

Dad, aka Pawpaw

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