Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bride Turns 21 Today

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We Love You Jordan

Well the day has arrived...Jordan has turned 21...let the party begin. What a year she has had...she became a mother, a wife and turned 21...most people are only lucky enough to have one of these happen. Jordan had all three...I love my daughter-in-law and wish her the very best birthday she can have.

Maddy's momma is 21 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jordan and I hope your day is a very special one. Nana and I love you with all our hearts and look forward to celebrating with you this weekend.
You have had a wonderful year from 20 to 21....a lifetime of memories in one year. You are a great daughter, a super mom, a loving wife and a beautiful daughter-in-law...Matt and you have a lifetime ahead of you all and I only wish the best for you.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, and now go have fun. We love you, Nana and Pawpaw

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