Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Days From The Old Neighborhood

Well, I talked to some friends who live in the Washington, DC area and yes it is true...they had a little snow storm recently.There are so many highways and roads in the DC area...but with plows and sand trucks are able to keep some of the city open.
They had up to 30" of snow fall and are expecting more on Tuesday...30" would shut Charlotte down for 2 weeks...they close schools here just because it might snow. I guess better safe than sorry.
The Washington Post gets delivered no matter what the weather is like...I can't get my Charlotte Observer delivered in warm weather even close to my front door...and when it's a crap-shoot if I get it that day or the next.

That's a football that's a SKINS fan for ya....dedicated true and true...maybe next year boys...I still love ya..can't get the burgandy and gold out of my blood. Too many years sitting in old RFK Stadium watching home games back in the 60's-80's my guess. I am happy to see Russ Grimm going to the Hall of Fame in Canton...Old Hogs never die...they just go to the Hall of Fame.

And I watched on tv the Dupont Circle snowball fight...they arranged it on facebook and had a great turnout. Hey I would have gone if I live in the area..a chance to smack someone with a snowball...great fun.

Now this is what our road crews look like in the Charlotte area....2 guys with shovels given it their best....we do have a few trucks...but still not enough for the snow we do get. We got 6" and it cause major problems for schools and roads. And it's funny...most of the people who live here are from areas with snow...they forget how to drive in it once they get here...we need practice snow to teach them how to drive again in snow.
Now this is what smart people do with snow...make a cooler for their beer....who needs ice when you got a cooler like this one...great idea.
So that's my take on the DC Snowstorm of 2010...I remember large snowstorms back in the 60's that we would tunnel in...schools would open the next day and we had to walk...not barefoot, but it was uphill alittle. I only rode the bus in middle school only...we had to walk to school..but then we had these things called sidewalks...and people used them daily...we didn't all have cars for each member of the family..times have change alittle.
I told my wife about sledding down hills in the park and roads that would be closed off just for sledding. Great fun and great memories...I still have my sled from when I was 5-6 years old...Radio Flyer...great condition...and a metal disk that's like the one Chevy Chase used in that movie..sparks fly when you hit asphalt. Good luck DC and keep that snow up north...if I need more I'll drive to the mountains. Spring will be here soon and we can all sit back and remember the Snowstorm of 2010.

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  1. Laughing so hard at "road crews in the Charlotte" and it's the honest truth, but worse in Monroe.

    Last year when we had a large (well medium) snow our neighbor decided after 3 days to plow our road himself with his farming tractor.