Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's in my life.

Pictured below is a Angel with wings...well waterwings...she is the youngest member of our family and with her mommy will be celebrating "Mother's Day". When I think of Mother's Day I remember my mom, she is deeply missed by all, but I know my son misses her the most. He and mom had a bond that all kids dream of and few have. She was a special lady, a wonderful mom and a fantastic "Memaw".
When I look at my granddaughter I see my mom...especially in her smile. Mom would have loved this little girl. And does, only from Heaven, I miss you Mom....I love you.
Maddy has enlightened us all...she came by recently to swim at our pool. She has grown so much in these first 10 months. Because of Maddy, Jordan gets to celebrate her first "Mother's Day".
"Happy Mother's Day" Jordan...I love you.
Mom also would have loved playing with Ryder...he's my grandson and because of him, I am "Pawpaw". I really had never thought about what I wanted to be called. But "Pawpaw" fits me, and has a lot of meaning to me. So when Laura was pregnate with Ryder I decided on "Pawpaw".
Ryder is my daughter's son, Laura will be celebrating her 2nd "Mother's Day". You have become a great Mom, like your.
Just check Ryder out in his new chair...styling and profiling. He's going to be girl magnet when he gets a little older, he'll use that smile of his and break many a heart.We are blessed with 2 healthy, beautiful grandchildren and because of them my kids get to celebrate "Mother's Day".

Jordan is a great mommy...she will never let anyone break Maddy's heart...boys don't be scared of Maddy's out for her Mama. You can see the love in Jordan's eyes when she looks at Maddy.

Laura is a awesome mommy too. You can see her expressions in Ryder's reminds me of when Laura was younger and still at home and how she would look at me when I was joking with her or telling her a tale....he has her down to a "T". "Happy Mother's Day" Laura...I love you.

And the woman who is Mama to all of our kids is my wife, she is "Nana", grandmother to Ryder and Maddy. She loves kids, big ones like me and of course her 2 grandkids also. "Happy Mother's Day" Elsie....I love you.

And the leader of all of the Mom's is "Granny" wife's Mom. She will be 90 soon and just got her driver's license renewed...going strong on all cyclinders. She is a mom, a grandmom and a greatgrandmom..."Happy Mother's Day" Granny....I love you.So even after my Mom left us and went to Heaven, I still have a collection of Mother's in my life. Each one very special to my heart and to my world. I love you all and wish that your "Mother's Day" is a great one.

And to all of the Moms reading my blog, I hope you too have a great day. And to all the you mom. If everyday was as special as "Mother's Day", we would be a lot better off in this world. Everyone seems to have a little more love in their heart, a little more caring in their actions and the world seems to slow down for a little all the Moms can have their day...maybe everyday should be "Mother's Day".

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