Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year To Everyone...Oh What A Year.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR" to everyone who is reading this posting of my blog. I hope that the next year is a great one for everyone and that we all have a better year than this one.And whether your celebrating New Year's, Festivus, Hanukkah or whatever, that you make the coming year a project to make this world better. For yourself, your family and the people around you.We need to pull together as a world and make this world a better place, a safer place and a more loving place for all of us. We owe our children who will be the keepers of the future, a better place for their children to live in.
And speaking of children, I have had a great year...oh I had a few bumps in the road and will be looking forward to 2010 being a little more stable for me and Nana, but I wouldn't change a thing. For 2009 gave me two things I hold dear to my heart.
My first grandchild was born just before Christmas last year...he's a year older, a year wiser and a very big part of my heart. 2009 has been the year that I got to know my grandson, Ryder, to see him grow into the little man he is. I still can't wait to see him as much as he can't wait to see me. His smile is precious to my heart.

And in August of this year a Angel came down from heaven...her name is Madelyn Audrey and she weighed in at 7 lbs. 4 ozs. and has a dimpled smile that will make a very large Pawpaw turn into a puddle in seconds.
She has a smile I saw only once before, in my mom's. When I opened a gift I got this year from my son I held in my hands a picture of hope, of love and of my granddaughter. I see a little of both of my parents in her and I can't wait til next year to get to watch her grow up. I know that they are watching her from Heaven...especially "Pop"...oh what he would be like around Maddy. And "Mom" would have had a ball dressing her up, and rocking her to sleep...just like she did for Maddy's daddy.
Maddy fills a large part of my heart also...thus making me a very proud "Pawpaw". I can only hope to be the granddad to Maddy that "Pop" was to Matt...large shoes to fill..but then again I wear a size 13 anyway....I can't wait til I see her again...and to see Ryder also..I am a blessed man for sure...and a very loved one too.
Top it all off with 3 loving kids and a beautiful, loving heart is full of love and I am a blessed man indeed.
So I hope you have a very good New Year's celebration, enjoy yourself and get some rest. We have a large task ahead of us all. We have to make the next 10 years better than the last 10...not just for us, but for our kids and grandkids.
So "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and I hope you will come back and visit with me next year. I want to thank everyone who's emailed me, texted me and has taken time to read my blogs...without you I would be only writing for myself. Until next year....

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  1. great blog u have a great way with words god bless in 2010lllllllll