Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey, Fish and Fun

The Holden Beach fishing tournement champion holds his prize winning catch and looks like it's just another day at the beach. Matt caught this one with a little shrimp bait...biggest one we ever caught in the inlet...good job "Fisherman Matt".
He also caught a few sheepsheads, croakers, and shad...just to keep it real. He had a great time and I had a good one too. I had a fishing pole in my hand, my granddaughter was napping up in the cabin and we were about to eat a giant Thanksgiving meal. And another, and another...alright Matt keep a few in the inlet for next time will ya. It was a good day for everyone, except the fish.We normally only catch little ones, but today we were having a good luck streak...well Matt was.

After a good day of fishing, we ate a large Thanksgiving meal and played with our granddaughter. She's 3 months old and growing like a weed. This was her first trip to the beach and I can't wait til she comes in the see her playing in the sand by the ocean waves.
Like all good things, the weekend had to end and everyone had to go home...Mom and Dad packed up the car and head back. I was going to throw one of those fish into the car like "Grumpy Old Men" but couldn't do it to my granddaughter and to Matt's beautiful new car.
So that's what I did on Thanksgiving..hope yours was as special as mine, and may your Christmas is a wonderful one. I look forward to seeing the grandkids, the grown kids and all of our relatives and friends. Now if we just get a little snow to play in..I mean for the grandkids to play in...hey that's it...and maybe Pawpaw too.

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