Friday, July 16, 2010

Tornados, Heavy Rains and Pawpaw's Storm Shelter

Well, let's see I came over for something....oh yeah, a cup of sugar and a large trailer has a little hole in it.
We had a little storm run through our county and over a some people's homes. Luckily no one was hurt in this trailer. The poor guy was trapped under the tree, but managed to get out.

And speaking of luck, I was able to use my storm shelter that Nana gave me when we first got married. It's gotten smaller, or I've gotten bigger...but I was able to weather the storm. I know it tilts a little, but I'm grateful I had it. Just don't know why the dogs stare at me when I get in it.

Now, the storm was a windy one for sure, gust up to almost 100 miles a hour. They said the 2 tornados were EF-1's....guess that means "Extra Fierce One's". All I know is that it looked bad from the storm shelter I was in.

The TV news had it coming right to our house, but lucky for us it went north. Not lucky for the people it went to. Trees came down, houses caught fire, lots of messes to clean up.

The last time I saw a Tornado was when I was 16 year old and my folks and I were headed to my Mom's family in Missouri...Kansas City. Pop was asleep in the front seat, Mom was out in the back and there I was listening to the radio and driving along when they said a Tornado was sighted near some town. I didn't know it was just ahead of us. I had to wake Pop, scared him to death, I just wanted someone to see the funnel out the car's side window....wild looking thing for sure. We pulled up under a bridge and watched as it went over us. Mom woke up when it started to whistle....about scared her to death too....and she was from these parts.
So we survived the "Tornado's of Summer 2010" and luckily no one was killed. Just alot of property damage and a bunch of downed trees.

Thanks for checking on us and letting me tell ya about the wild storm we had. I guess I should go outside and check around my storm shelter and make sure everything is ok. You never know when another storm might be heading our way...I'm just glad that Nana got me this thing to stay in...just don't know why the dogs always stare at me in it....and they have funny looking smiles on their faces.
Must be jealousy, because I got such a nice place to stay in when Nana tells me to go get in my shelter...she calls it a french word I think..."dawghowce"...catchy ain't it. I call it "Pawpaw's Palace"....just enough room for me and my wisdom.
Thanks again for checking in on Pawpaw and I hope you'll come back and visit again. And remember guys, for safety purposes it's good to get a "dawghowce" to stay in like Pawpaw.

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