Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodbye Capt. Phil, We'll Miss Ya and So Will The Crabs

Well, the wait will soon be over...tonight the Discovery Channel will air the episode that everyone has been waiting for....the 2 hour tribute to Captain Phil Harris.
Now, not everyone watches the show...I didn't at first, but slowly the show grew on my, like barnacles on a boat.
Tonight, we see who Capt. Phil is, why we love him and why we'll miss him. And since he was only 53 years old, I can relate to his shorten life, for I am 53 years old also.
The show will be an emotional one for sure, we will see his 2 sons, his crew and everyone who knew him pay tribute to a man who was kind-hearted, full of vinegar and told you what you didn't want to hear, but needed to be said.
We'll see how one man made such a large impact on a show, on people and on the TV viewers. There will be alot of toasts, in alot of bars tonight, followed by a tear to two also. For Capt. Phil led the life that most men dream of sometime in their lives...a life on the sea....just fishing, or crabbing, and being free on the sea.

Capt. Phil leaves his two sons, who worked with him on the Cornelia Marie, out of Seattle. They were with him when he suffered the stroke. Everyone was watching as they took him away, would he be ok, he had to be, he's Capt. Phil Harris.
But sadly we find out that we all have our time coming, we don't know when, or how. And the show teaches us to love our family, our friends and not let time pass without saying what we need to say or telling someone we love them.

So watch the show, cry a few tears and have a beer in his honor. And remember you won't be alone, for all the fans of the "Deadliest Catch" will be toasting along with ya. We lose one of the shows favorites characters and wiseguys. We read that as he was passing, lying there, knowing that he soon would be leaving us, he passed a note to the cameraman that read "keep filming".
He loved being on the show and we loved watching him....now he's watching us. This one's for you Capt. Phil...the next 5 are mine....time to grab the tissue box and wait for the show.
I lost my dad a few years back, I don't go a day without thinking of him, his laugh, his smile, his temper, his big heart....I know the Harris boys will miss their dad...I still miss mine. I Love You "Poppyseed"....the next one will be for you "Pop"....watch for Phil...he's wild like your were....maybe that's why I watched the show.

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  1. We have been watching the show for a long time. We to are watching it tonight.