Sunday, June 21, 2009


What does it take to make a father...alot of things..from hugs in the middle of the night, to throwing the ball in the backyard, and many things more, but one main ingredient is Love. Enjoy some pictures of the Father's in my life. Here's my dad, Jerry, and his favorite Yorkie lap buddy...Shiloh. Pop would rub that dog into a knot..Shiloh didn't mind, we didn't either. I miss you Pop....Happy Father's Day. I know the kid on the right, Matt's my son...the skinnier guy on the right I think I knew him once.
People always ask why I dressed up as a greek god? I always reply "what do you mean by dressed up?". That's what I use to wear as leisureware around the house..have you never found that perfect outfit. And no, Matt's gun wasn't loaded..but his might have been.Matt and Pop were two peas in a pod...they were able to build a relationship many people only dream of...I was happy for both of them. Matt misses his Pop, but he has a heart full of memories.
Ryder made me a "Pawpaw"...a job I take very serious. I have had the opportunity to work on my skills with him so I can be a Pawpaw to my granddaughter who will be born in August. Have you ever seen a cuter pose of a surfing grandchild.
Ryder is blessed to have a father who adores him with no questions asked. Scot is my only son-in-law and the best one I have. I am so proud of him, and couldn't ask for a better husband for my daughter, a better father for my grandson. Happy Father's Day Scot, I love you.
Meet my granddaughter, she's due in August. She will be our first granddaughter. As Pawpaw to a girl I will be playing with dolls and drinking invisible tea, so don't put me in the home's allowed in the grandparents rule book.
Jordan and Matt will be parents soon, bringing into this world a little girl who will be the apple of her daddy's eye. Happy Pre-Father's Day Matt, enjoy your day and the silence before the storm, I love you. You will be a great dad...remember to enjoy every moment...Pop would have loved to play Barbie with her...a job I plan to do in his honor.
So on this Father's Day I have alot to be thankful for. A grandson who has his Pawpaw rapped around his little finger.
A granddaughter, who will make me do some of the silliest things I hope I can do for her.

I am proud to be Pawpaw...a job that has a holiday called Grandparents Day..but on Father's Day you get the whole picture. You get the love that comes with being a parent, a Father. So Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and to the dad's in my life..Scot and Matt..I love you guys...and to Pop, I miss you everyday and hope your watching from the clouds...I love you "poppyseed"...your son....Jeff...aka Pawpaw.


  1. Oh my goodness, I can hardly see through my tears! What a nice way to honor dads on their special day! I love you Jeffie and you are the BEST father and Pawpaw! Love, Elsie

  2. Jeff that was so sweet I started to tear up! I hope that you had a great Fathers Day and you mean the world to us! Thankyou for being such a great Father and pawpaw. Love Lulie