Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Girl at 89

I know this was only to be for humans this week, but come on...Shiloh, the dock, what man could resist his best friend and a photo opt. He loves to look for fish...and I love to not catch them, we are a pair.
While we were at Granny's for her birthday this little bird kept coming to the railing and sitting. It sat there for over a hour and finally flew away. But came back and sat some more. Granny said she has a couple of birds that does that. I saw one fly back and forth from her best friends house, who recently passed away. I felt it was a sign that she was checking in on Granny..something they use to always do. It was nature at it's best, and very touching to my heart.
Granny had a grand time, and we enjoyed sitting outside and chatting for hours. Notice where Tinkerbell is...laying on usual. They are loyal to their owners for sure. And don't go far from the hand that feeds them.
Granny turned 89...and is still going strong...I hope I have half as much energy next year, much less at 89. We will go visit again as soon as we can. I enjoy our talks, since Pop passed away, Granny is the closest parent I have...tough being a orphan.
Well that's all I got right now...I'll try and update as soon as time allows.

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