Monday, August 10, 2009

Waiting for the call....

Jordan's due date is getting closer...soon my son will become a dad. He will understand what it's like to be a father, a daddy, a pop. He will smile a lot, cry a lot and smile some more. He and Jordan will be parents to my first granddaughter. Nana and I are sitting here at the house and waiting for the call..hopefully someone will call. It might not be Matt, he might be too busy smiling, but someone will hopefully call us.

Matt's mom has had a couple of baby showers for them. She's really done a great job getting them organized and planing for a baby. They seemed to have gotten a lot of great stuff.
Jordan looks beautiful with her baby poof..her little baby belly. They got a bunch of Pooh stuff it looks like...that's their theme for the baby.
It will be fun to watch Matt and Jordan become parents. To watch them feed and change their daughter. And it will be fun to watch Matt and see how he decides how to handle boys when they come to the door in her teen years. The shoe will be on the other to speak.
Well no baby yet...almost 2 weeks til Jordan's due date...I'll keep everyone posted, until then Nane and I will sit on the porch and look into the sky and wait for the call....


  1. Cute pictures!! You are the best PawPaw ever!! That little girl is one lucky lady to have you and Nana!

  2. I can't wait to see little Mady. (Matt is that the right way to spell it?) I know she will be beautiful and very much loved. Nana

  3. I love you so much pawpaw i was so happy to see you and nana at the hospital and i cant want to come to denver i think my dad grew up out there anyways i love you with all my hart and cant wait to see you soon madelyn