Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where's that Stork? It's Babytime in the Carolina's.'s getting closer to "babytime" word yet...but it will be soon. Soon Matt and Jordan's little Pooh bear will be kicking and screaming...letting the world know she's here. Jordan should be in dilatation, her body getting ready for the baby to make her appearance.
The hardest part of having a baby is the waiting....when will it happen...while your in traffic, late at night, while your out never know. But she's worth the waiting. She will add sparkle to this troubled world we live in. We all can use a little Madelyn sparkle in our lives.
So we wait...looking up into the sky for that darn stork...come on your thing....let's get this baby delivered.
Jordan and Matt will be great parents, they will learn as they go, like all parents. First lesson will be waiting for that stork!!!
They have lots of family that loves them all and will help in whatever way they can...we will let you know as soon as possible that the baby is coming...and if you see a stork with a little pink bundle flying over ya...tell him to hurry up and get to the hospital...Jordan and Matt are waiting for their Pooh bear, their little bundle of love....Madelyn.

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