Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Makes A Man A "Pawpaw"?

What makes a man a "Pawpaw"? It takes a little time, a pinch of love and stir until you build a bond that can't be broken. And it all begins when the grandchild is born.
I am "Pawpaw", grandfather to Ryder, my first grandchild, and to Madeline, due in August, our second grandchild. A boy and a girl...a nice start in grandchilden if you ask me. I am lucky that I have Ryder to train me right. He is a very special child, who came into my life when I really needed a boost. I know when I'm with Ryder all my worries and woes go away. I got laid off in January, the economy hit bottom and the housing market crashed, but I know I will bounce back, I always do. I see hope in Ryder's eyes, hope for a better world. As "Pawpaw", my job is to help develope my grandchild's self esteem. To spend quality time doing simple things kids like to do. Play, read, draw, sing or laugh, whatever they need, I am there to help their parents raise the child. I am to follow their parents rules and guidelines to support the growth of the child...and still have fun too.
In return I become a better man by wearing my seatbelt, while checking theirs, eating better to set an example, even vegetables. By driving slower, safer, protecting both my grandkids and me and "Nana". By watching what I say and when I say it, darn-it, that might take some time...but "Nana" will like that one too. But during all this growth period I get to be a kid again, and help "Nana" with watching and playing with our grandkids...we both love that part.

"Nana" and I are grandparents who love children and enjoy helping our kids when they need us. Parents today have alot on their plates today, family stress, bills, jobs, money, etc. Our job is to make our kids lives easier by helping in whatever task they need us to do.
Being a "Pawpaw" is somewhat painless, Oh I know I'll get my feelings hurt, that I'll get tired, that diapers don't change themselves, but the rewards far exceed the energy it takes to be a "Pawpaw". And when you share a smile or that little, tiny hand reaches into yours...priceless.

I found a say that I really enjoyed, it didn't say who wrote it, but I know it had to be a "Pawpaw". It reads "If I knew having grandchildren would be so much fun I would have had them first"...deep words...part of "Pawpaw's Wisdom" today.
As a "Pawpaw" my job is to allow my grandkids to help me with everyday tasks, when they get a little older. To fix a leak, water the garden, help "Nana", little things that mean alot to them. And builds a strong foundation for a good child. They get to learn to be cooperative and responsible, and to follow directions.
But now as a baby, too little to help me right now, they get to entertain "Pawpaw" and "Nana".
And we look forward to going fishing, the beach, arcades, fairs, ......and I will find stuff that the grandkids like too.

With "Nana's" help and guidance, we will enjoy watching our grandkids grow into the wonderful people we know they will be. To live life to the fullest, love the people around you and to roll with the up's and down's of life....including going to school and vegetables.

It doesn't matter when you see them, everyday, once a week or once a year. What matters is how you spend the time, and how you make them feel. Make sure that they are happy, warm and not hungry. To have no worries, no problems, no fears. And you want them to enjoy life to the fullest, and savor all that God has given us. To feel special, because they are, and to enjoy what time you spend with them is the best ever...that going to "Nana's and Pawpaw's" was great.

I also know that I have to share my grandkids, they are not just mine, and with that comes the responsibility to respect other people's bond with that child or children. It's important to teach them that other adults think they are special too, not just "Nana and Pawpaw".
I realize my grandkids won't always listen, won't always be good, be quiet, won't always follow my directions. As "Pawpaw" my job is to back-up Mommy and Daddy's rules and not change them. Together we will help each other, support each other and love each other..setting one goal for all of us..what's best for the child.
Starting tonight "Nana and Pawpaw" are going to watch Ryder, my grandson, for the next nine days...two weeks, whatever...all I know is that I get to play with him, feed him and with "Nana's" help to get up off the floor, we will spend the time bonding and enjoying the time with each other.
His parents are going on a cruise, one that was postponed from last year due to pregnancy...with Ryder. They have deserve this vacation, they have made me proud of how they have become parents. Ryder is one lucky little boy, he has two strong, God loving, parents in his life who will do whatever it takes to keep him well, loved and happy.
I look forward to the days ahead...I hear he has started to roll...we'll have to see that for sure. So I will spend this valuable time with him and learn just who this little man is. So Ryder, "Pawpaw's" here waiting for ya....bring that smile...I Love You.
I also look forward to August when our first granddaughter will be born...I will have to learn to play with dolls...but with over 10 years working at Toys-R-Us..I know who Barbie is, and Bratz...Polly Pocket...and she'll make brownies with her easybake oven I hope..I mean if she wants to make "Pawpaw" some...and all of us will have a tea party or two.
Enjoy your grandkids, adore them. And let each grandchild know they are each individually special. Spend time with each one, seperately, so they know they are each important in your life. Make a memory book of the things that you and your grandchild love to do, this will provide them with a reference book for when they have grandkids. Also send them a phone card so they can call your whenever they need to. Whether to tell you about the game, their day or just to say they love will be special to them and a blessing to you.
Start a this one..where you can share with the world your love for them, your family, everyone who's important to's really fun and there are so many other people in this vast world...your bound to find followers who can relate to whatever your write about.

Remember it's up to us grandparents to help make our grandkids lives full and fun, while teaching them how to live, love and laugh...
All this is "Pawpaw's Wisdom" lesson for this week, this month, this go call your grandkids.

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  1. Jeff you are an angel! One day you will be a wonderful Pawpaw to our kids too, I hope!! :) I love what you said about helping to enforce the parents rules. I think that is very thoughtful and kind (just like you!) We love you!! And we want to come visit when you have Ryder!