Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Last Night At Camp Pawpaw

Hello's me Ryder...I snuck downstairs and got on Pawpaw's I gotta be fast. I just wanted to say how much fun I have had here at Nana's and Pawpaw's. They have really done a good job for two people who haven't had a baby in over 20 years.
This is a picture of one of my favorite toys at Nana''s a grasshopper...feels so good on my teething gums. Pawpaw found a extra one so he gave me one to take home.
Speaking of home, my mommy and daddy will be coming home later today...I just looked at the clock and I think it's past it's Sunday, and they come home on Sunday. I'm glad...I really have missed them...alot. Pawpaw says I'm going into rodeo because I always hold my hands in the air...yeehaw...sounds like fun. But this is how I eat..I take a bite and then I wipe my mouth...simple stuff, great style.My last night at Nana's and Pawpaw's...I'll miss them too. Life for a little boy is really hard at times. I am caught in the middle. But I'll be back...Pawpaw and Nana have a open invitation with my parents...whenever they need a sitter, I can go to Pawpaw's and Nana's.
So I better get back to bed...I will need my rest...I can't wait til later today ...I hope I don't cry first...I bet my mommy and daddy will before me...I'm almost 6 months old....I am almost crawling, almost walking, almost a teenager...soon I'll be able to talk. So goodnight everyone and I will check back after my folks come home. I better get some tissues ready for my folks...and probably for Pawpaw and Nana...they are going to miss me...I'm lovable. Please don't tell Pawpaw I got on his computer....he might get mad at will be our secret...well, until he reads his blog...oops.


  1. haha- I love his stories at Camp Pawpaw! I was so happy to finally see my baby though :) Thankyou and mom again!!

  2. We bet that you and Nana were so happy to get to sleep solid last night after a very long week with Mr-Rolls-Alot! It was so good to hold him and have him back with us and Tucker was a happy dog, went right to sleep on the bed before we even got to bed! You both were so sweet to watch him for us, THANKS a million. I am so blessed to have such awesome parents :) Love you!

  3. Have you ever seen a cuter, more precious little boy?!! I haven't, and he's fun to play with too! I love the pictures Pawpaw, keep 'em coming!! Love, Nana