Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pawpaw's Puppy Picture..Do I Need to Say More?

Well it was a rainy Memorial Day weekend...the race was delayed til Monday...and our grandson is sick so we didn't see him...but we have puppies!!!
Carly gave birth last Monday night so we have been busy taking care of them.."The Fab Five" I call them...5 Yorkie pups...1 girl and 4 boys...all doing well...you can check on them on my other blog (Waterside Yorkies). I really haven't had time to keep up with both blogs, all I can think of is the beauty and wonder of watching puppies come into this world and how their mom has taken care of them. Gotta go..one of the puppies is crying...gotta check on them...
I will try and blog something later this week...thanks for checking in and please come back.

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