Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday..Let's Party.

Well it was a busy week for me...Pawpaw took me to school and picked me up each day. Except for today...I stayed home and got to go to Nana's school...she wanted everyone to see how handsome her grandson was. So I started the day off with a little playtime in my all those gadgets on it. And who doesn't like a mirror to see themselves. Pawpaw and I got to bond..he's done his best to keep me's been a few years since he was a kid...but he plays with me and he even took me for a walk.
And this book tastes so good...I'm teething and I chew on everything and anything. I am drooling like a waterfall my Pawpaw says. My Nana puts my special teething ring in the feels so nice on my gums.
I really like a good bath...makes you feel so clean. Wash behind my ears, my face...ooooh that is so nice. Pawpaw saids he'll get me some Mr. Bubble when I get a little make bubbles and boy doesn't that sound like fun.
Nana I love pictures too...but how about some privacy..ok? Gee whiz...I'm naked here...cheeeesse...did you get me smiling?
This is my new friend...he helps keep me company while my folks are away. He's so soft and I can hung his neck...good stuff...I'll name him someday, right now his name is "Animal".
Here's how Tucker has spent the week...playing with the other dogs...he is in doggie everywhere, lots of playfriends, and Nana and Pawpaw lets him sleep with them...spoiled rotten.
So I made it through the week...and now the weekends here. Nana said we might go shopping tomorrow, did I hear Toys-R-Us or was I just dreaming...anyplace with toys would be nice...and if I am awake during the shopping, that would be great too.
So I'll go's getting late and I need to go to bed soon...Nana I need my bottle...a little bottle, a little rocking chair action, and soon I'll be asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep......

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  1. Haha Tucker looks like he had a Blast! So glad that Ryder got to meet his other uncle :) I like the "animal" toy too-cute!