Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Hello again...my name is Ryder...what's your name...do I know you? Well I had a good day at school...all my friends were glad I got to come in...they need me. When Pawpaw and Nana picked me up we came home and Pawpaw played with me, while Nana started dinner. Here I am playing with my favorite bucket and keys...I love noisey stuff...they both rattle. While I was playing, all the doggies came by to say hello...my Tucker gave me a kiss..he loves me and I love him.
I got to meet my Uncle Matt...here Pawpaw introduces us...I really liked him...he liked me too. I hope to see him real soon...he makes me laugh.
He has funny hair...hey look at his necklace...cool. Oh yeah, I taught him how to hold a baby..he is going to have a little girl in August...she'll be my cousin. I tried to tell Uncle Matt not to worry, that I would watch over her and keep her from getting into trouble..I hope he understood.
Aunt Jordan took a turn in holding me too...she thought I was the bomb...I know I am. She said that she loved my blue eyes...I am a charmer. She did well in holding me and I think she will be a good mommy to my cousin.
Here's Jordan standing sideways....I think the baby is hiding in her shirt...hopefully my daddy will try and tell me about that stuff someday...right now it is all confusing to me. Storks, birds, bee's...alot of animals and something happens...I don't know...it's all magic to me.

So one more day flew by...I went to bed around 8:15...I had a long day...I was sleepy. This morning Pawpaw is going to take me to school again. Pawpaw and Nana will come pick me up this afternoon...talk to ya later.

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