Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update from Camp Pawpaw..Day 5

Well I was tired Tuesday night..I went to bed at 8...I played hard all day at school and then Pawpaw played with me when we got home. I got a bath, some dinner and off to bed I went. This is my walker at Nana's and Pawpaw's...I love this orange rocket fits my hands just right and I love to bite it...I'm teething and it feels so goooood.
I caught this big grasshopper in the back yard...not really...I got it in a toy my Nana gave me. In the mouth it goes too...hmmm..feels good on my gums too. And this is my keyring I love to rattle...back and forth...over and over...then I throw it and Pawpaw goes and gets it...he is a good fetcher. I trained him just right.
I'm sleepy here...about to go to bed...been a long day. And the quicker I go to bed the faster I get to get up and do it again.
Before school on Wednesday I taught Nana how fast my little hands I am showing her that a big necklace is a open inventation for me. But don't worry, I gave it back to her in one piece. Guess I'll talk to ya Pawpaw got a email from my mommy and daddy...they miss me, I knew they would..I am so lovable...I miss them too..but don't tell them that or they won't have a good time...they worry about me...all the time....parents.
Pawpaw said I could keep writing on his blog as long as I ate good, slept all night for him and Nana, and did well at school...I am three for three...guess I'll be writing again soon...bye now.


  1. I love hearing Ry-ry's point of view!

  2. haha I bet he was tired from all that playing he did! Looks like he's in baby heaven with all those fun toys :)