Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pawpaw and Nana's Early Mother's Day Trip to Granny's

Well Nana and Pawpaw just got back from visiting Nana's mom at the beach..the weather was great and we had a good time. Here's Nana and Granny getting ready to run errands...we were on a early Mother's Day trip since we will not be able to travel next weekend, since we will be watching our grandson while his parents travel. And with Carly, our Yorkie, getting closer to her due date, can't be traveling too much. Even Pawpaw thinks 5 dogs, 1 grandchild and Nana on a 4-5 hour trip would be a little too we went early and had a great time.
We love puppies, especially Yorkies puppies, and Carly did give us Tinkerbell, who is our smallest and our youngest of the 4 Yorkies we have. She is due around May 23, so she can't be traveling too much, this weekend was hard on her. We think she might be carrying 4 little bundles of yorks...time will tell.
And with Ryder coming to stay awhile, we didn't want to travel with him all the way to the beach and have his parents worry. And with Ryder we are watching Tucker, their we will have 5 dogs to care for..but they get along anyway...Tucker is Carly's he'll be a Uncle again really soon...he loves to play with all his relatives at Nana's and Pawpaw's House of Yorkies...and we both love kids and dogs...and both Ryder and Tucker are joys to be around.

But Nana and Pawpaw made the trip, and we actually got down to the beach..we didn't go was too cold..but we did wet our feet. Our feet did also take in the sites. Most of the ashes from the wildfires of Myrtle Beach was gone, but some evidence was still visible. Now they are talking about all the black bears that got burned out of 200-300 bears roaming around...come to Myrtle Beach and be eaten by a bear...won't see that on any bumper stickers I bet.

The waves were rough, probably from offshore storms...cold water and big waves kept alot of people from going in. A few surfers did try and hang a few...waves aren't the best for surfers usually..but they seemed bigger this day. So we were happy to run errands for Granny and I did some small jobs around the cottage for her too. I put up a bird feeder she had gotten from her grandson and his wife. I went with Nana and Granny and got a shepherds hook to hang it outback of the cottage. Within minutes, birds started to land and eat some birdseed we also had gotten.
I also hung a wind sculpture that had come with the bird feeder. I hung it off the porch so Granny could watch it from the porch or from inside. She was pleased with both items being hung.

In between errands Nana and I ate at one of our favorite stops, Archibald's. A great sandwich shoppe not far from the cottage, and between errand stops.

Nana really thought this flip-flop door wreath was really cool. It's on the front door of Archibald's, and the owners are avid Yorkie we also try and make a trip to their resturant. Good food, good dog stories...a win, win trip.
After eating we stopped and got some new chairs for the cottage. Pastel colors that will add some color to the front of the cottage and be comfortable to sit in. The neighbors all loved them as they walked by, that made Granny happy.
We also got some plants for the porch and stairs, two new mats for the stairs, and a few tomato plants for Granny's garden. Nana made some lovely arrangements for her mom and I helped Nana plant everything.
So we had a great weekend at the beach, and got to visit our Granny, who is still going strong. I enjoy doing her errands she has for me everytime I visit...since both of my parents have passed, Granny is my mom too...Nana and I both love to go visit and take her out to dinner, or run some little errands with her.
But it was nice to get home...time to shift gears....getting ready for our grandson, and Carly's can follow Carly on my other of course I will be blogging about Ryder...he's a joy to my heart and I look forward to the time I will have with him in the coming days. He brings the child out in we have alot in common.
A little wisdom for each day to the fullest, love all in your life to the most, and love doing what your doing, life is too short to waste with no love in it... Nana I Love You...thank you for a great weekend...we made it home!


  1. Pretty chairs and pretty ladies!

  2. awe~I LOVE the new chairs, and looking forward to sitting in them this summer. Ryder says he can't wait to see his nana and pawpaw!