Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yards Sales, Blogging and Yorkie Treats

So the rains have stopped and we decided to venture out into the drying world. What starts a Saturday better than a road trip to Yard Sale Heaven. So Nana plotted a game plan and we set off. First stop...the "golden arches"...a Pawpaw can't run on love only...he needs substance to keep him going.The fun part of yard sales is people watching, but it also is the find of a treasure or two or three...Nana loves finding the bargains. I enjoy finding them also, but the people are the fun part for me. I have fun talking to strangers...something your mother told you not to do.

But I enjoy making people laugh so it's like a new audience at each yard sale...a comic's dream. We hit a bunch of sales too...the weather had been bad for half the week so people were out in bunches...the finds were there waiting for us...all we had to do was decide on what we wanted..and how low we could get it for.
All in all, we had a great time and found some treasures for all of our, we got some stuff we think we needed to get.
Later in the day I hit the net and did some emailing, some down loading of music and updated my blogs.

I have really enjoyed gives me a outlet for my creative side and lets me meet people from all over the globe. More people follow my Yorkie blog, but I do have some people who come back to "Pawpaw's Wisdom"...they just haven't joined as a follower...I think some people don't like to commit to someone's blog. But as long as they come back, then my efforts are appreciated. Maybe they'll join my blog later on.
I put a new post on my "Waterside Yorkies" blog and update this one...the one your reading right now. On my "Waterside Yorkie's" blog I posted about the new dog food site we found and how the dogs love the new food and treats at -"Premium Dog Food" . We enjoyed looking over all that they carried and the dogs enjoyed the tasting of them.
So go over to my other blog if you have a dog and check out the last posting. They also carry cat food, dog toys, shampoos, and other items for all you animal needs.
So it has been a busy day, and a fun one after a week full of rain. Hope your weekend is going well and check back with us, ok.

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