Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Weekend Fun for Pawpaw and Nana

Well, last week was a Pawpaw's dream week...first Nana and I went to go see our granddaughter, still too little to go trick-or-treating, but I think is dressed as a angel all the time...but I am her Pawpaw, so I might be prejudice a little.
Friday night we went with our grandson and his parents to a local town that had a trick-or-treat walk for the kids..and the grown ups too.Ryder isn't even a year old yet, but he took to trick-or-treating like a duck to water. He took hold of his pumpkin bucket and off he went. From person to person, getting little treats and walking to the next person. We helped alittle, but it was all him mostly.

Here he is before we left...this photo will be in his yearbook to his senior prom photo of him in a tux. He did very well for a 11 month old toddler in a bear suit on a warm night.

I believe he thought we were going bowling...he kept trying to roll this pumpkin for a strike...or was he planing to smash it on someone's sidewalk...hard to tell at this age. We had fun, he had fun, it was a win, win situation. Can't wait til next year...when both grandkids go together at Pawpaw's and Nana's house. Life as a Pawpaw is very rewarding when you see how much your grandkids are growing. Ryder is walking and Maddy is looking all around, noticing stuff and soon she be crawling arond chasing me...and I love it.
I hope your Halloween was a fun one too. I look forward to the coming holidays...grandkids make these times seem even more special. And with all the troubles in this world, alittle happiness goes a long way. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment, or link on to follow my blog. I enjoy hearing from people, and love to share stories. My email is and and will answer all emails, questions, or suggestions.

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