Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter at Holden Follow-Up

Well it seems I found time to update Pawpaw's and Nana's Easter weekend...it was a lovely time with Nana's momma, our daughter and husband, and our grandson...who had his first Easter and his first visit to Holden Beach. We ate lunch one day at Paradise Cafe...good food and great company made it a special afternoon. It's one of our favorite places to eat and drink.
Scot and Laura went to the Provision Company one afternoon, while Nana and Pawpaw watched Ryder. It was fun for all of us. This place is ideal for people watching, a sport Nana and Pawpaw love.

Holden Beach is a very quiet, family beach that doesn't have all the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach. Not great waves for surfing, but big enough to have fun in.

Old and new cottages line the beach front, while the sun rises over their tops. A beautiful reminder of how lovely this place can be. It was too cool to swim, but Scot and Laura took Ryder for a walk along the beach.

I guess top honors are still for the smallest member of our family. Little Tinkerbell Cupcake of Waterside won "smallest dog" at Bark At The Beach". A Easter Seal fund raiser that attracted about 65 dogs and raised about $5000. Sir Shiloh of Waterside, her uncle, was also entered, but didn't win like his niece. We missed the first two years of the contest somehow.
Holden Beach has always been a wonderful place to see family, visit neighbor's we haven't seen in a while, and eat at some of the best places around.
No deep thoughts for this blog...only good memories.

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