Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day...we really don't need the jokes.

Well April Fool's day is here...lookout world..please no more has had enough and so have I. And now a virus is out and about...great.
The wedding is only days away...Eric and Tori should have great wheather last time I checked. Elsie and I are so happy for them and proud of them too. We love them both, and welcome Tori to the family officially this weekend. She and Eric are meant for each other and have a long life of love and marriage ahead.
My tux is in, great, check that off my I only have to pack...we leave Thursday for Hilton Head, SC where the wedding is. The herd will be dogsat, and have visitors checking on them over the weekend. They are our furry babies you know!
Well I checked my emails today and found one from a childhood friend I have been searching for months, crap...years....IT CAN'T BE A FOOL'S JOKE....could it? Hope not, Bill and I went to kindergarden together...and with mom and day gone, kids having their kids, getting married I have been thinking of past times in life and have begun to try and piece them together. I recently sent a email to my half-aunt that I never even knew existed. Seems my Pop had a half sister who he never knew, or never told me about hopefully we can all get back or start to fill the pieces of my life's puzzle and theirs too.
So my wisdom for today is...never completely close those doors of life behind may someday want to reopen them, they may hold a valuable piece to your life's journey, and a whole lot of memories.

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