Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yorkie Wins Contest...Uncle is runner up.

Well the week has come and gone and I am back home again. Nana and I went to Holden Beach, North Carolina for a few days with our daughter, her husband and of course Ryder, celebrating his first Easter.
I still need to work on pictures for the wedding, but our camera went crazy and seems to have lost all our photos...Pawpaw's wisdom No. 1...empty the disk card often before the stupid thing empties and ruins your still hurts.
So I will try and find some with friends and family and post a few. Or visit my daughters blog and see hers. Laura's blog is linked to mine.
Holden Beach was really nice...the cottage had it's front and back porches redone and new shutters on the windows. Ryder went to the beach with mommy and daddy and he came back with sand in his toes. Nana and Pawpaw gave him a Hallmark bunny rabbit that sings and dances...he loved it.
Nana and I went to "Bark at the Beach" with Shiloh and Tinkerbell, two of our yorkies. Nana entered them and guess what? Little Tinkerbell won first prize for "Smallest Dog". We came home with a champion...well sort of..her dog line has a list of true AKC Champions...she took a smaller trophy I know, but it's still counts in the eyes of all those people who came out to support Easter Seals and compete.
Shiloh was nominated for Best Overall Dog, along with Tinkerbell but lost to a beautiful mixed white dog, a half Shih Tzu/half Bichon Frise male named Teddy. Not bad for their first competion, and the number of dogs at the contest. We were proud of our Waterside Herd, well half a herd. Since our camera went crazy we have no pictures...sadly...we will either get a new card or a new camera..Nana loves her pics...and I do to.


  1. Ahhh, I loved your blog, Baby!! We did really well in the "Bark" competition, didn't we? I'm just sorry we didn't know about the the first two years they had it. The dogs were adorable and friendly for the most part and so were the people. The weather was beautiful at the beach and always wonderful to get together with family.

  2. Haha good for little Tink Tink!