Monday, April 13, 2009

I Fought the SD Card, And The Card Lost

Well I fought the SD card and the card lost. You almost didn't get to see the following pictures because Nana's camera ate them. It seems if you change batteries with the card in ...presto-chango...their gone. But with a little technology and some cash I got most of them back. Please enjoy Tori and Eric's rehearsal pictures, where on the following evening they had a beautiful wedding.
Tori and Eric run throught their lines, getting ready for the real thing the next night. The South Carolina Yacht Club was a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. Large luxury boats and beautiful homes surrounded the patio area where the wedding took place. We had a great time seeing our relatives, and meeting Tori's new ones. I am glad I was able to get these pictures back for Nana...she loves her pictures and it almost killed her that they were gone. Who knows when all of us will ever get together again...Tori's family and friends, Eric's family and friends...what a lovely group of people indeed....well I was in a tux...and Nana looked always.
Little Ryder was a trooper the whole time...Pawpaw, Nana, Uncle Steve and Aunt Paula took turns watching the little guy. The rehearsal was a great opportunity to introduce Ryder to all his new relatives, old relatives and everyone else who wanted to meet him.

Tori and Eric are blessed with two families that love and adore them to death. I am really proud of them myself and wish them all the happinest in the world. And with God in their hearts they will succeed in all that they attempt. They will have many more happy times in their lives.

Nana and Pawpaw looked like two proud parents at the rehearsal and the next day. Nana looked beautiful in her tropical dress at the rehearsal and in her pink layers for the wedding. She was a very happy mother of the groom, as she watched her little boy grow up to be a man. Eric and Tori will hopefully be as happy as Pawpaw and Nana are. To share life's up's and downs and be supportive of each other.

Here's Pawpaw outfront of the South Carolina Yacht Club where our son got married, and began his life with Tori. She is as beautiful inside as she is outside and was welcomed with open arms to our family. I am really glad I was able to recover some of the pictures. As I regroup them I will post more and continue my story.
Pawpaw's wisdom for today is....never give up on things that matter, even if you only succeed alittle, it is better than giving up completely. Trying something and failing only teaches you what to do the next time. We learn from everything we do, good or bad. Ask for help if you need it, give help if they seek it, and find love, for with love you can rely on each other for help.
I love you Eric and Tori and hope that your life together is as beautiful as Tori was on her wedding day. And as strong as Eric was handsome, as he gave his love to his bride.

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  1. Go baby go!! I am proud of you that you figured out our missing picture problem!!