Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pawpaw..look at me...I'm doing something cute again

Hey do you get this thing going...I don't see a ignition key...what..I have to walk around...come on Pawpaw, have you not heard of Powerwheels. Oh well, let me see what I can do with this anyway.
Hey...look at that did that baby get that part for the E-trade commercials..I know I'm cuter than he is. What kinda pay do you think he gets...I need a agent I think.

Pawpaw is that you behind that camera...stop taking my picture and play with me will ya. Mom and Dad will be calling soon and I'll have to leave. Do something funny and make me laugh. Come on Pawpaw I know you love to dance...act silly and dance for me. We had Ryder for a little while Saturday evening...his parents had some errands to we met them at a nearby shopping center and took him for a nice walk around the shopping area, then on to home to play. We ran into some people we knew and they all said what we already knew...Ryder is a cutie...but we told them thank you and just smiled...we didn't want to be too full of ourselves...we know he's cute...look at him...lookout he comes.

Ryder found himself a bucket of fun, or should I say..just a has a rattle attached...and he loved it. At one point he almost put it on like a Shriner's hat...he really enjoyed playing with it. And as he dad likes to say ..."he'll sleep good tonight". Nana and I had a great time keeping Ryder while they ran errands. We later went and met them to return Ryder. It was a win, win situation for all of us. We love that little guy...and his parents too. It was a great evening for all...maybe they'll have more errands and need us again real's tomorrow...ok...I'll be I won't.


  1. I love him!! I want to play with him too!! You have to share!!

  2. Haha he looks like he had a GREAT time! Thanks again for watching him. :)

  3. Awww, Jeffie, I'm so glad you filmed that!! Ryder looks adorable playing with his "bucket" Love, Nana