Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 Years of Love, Family and A Blessing

Has it really been 2 years since I walked Laura down the aisle. It seems like it was only a few months ago, until I look back at all the wonderful things that has happened in my daughter's life. I was a very proud Dad that day. She looked beautiful, and the Lord had blessed us with a great day. A great day to begin the marriage of two people who were meant for each other.
When I first met Scot I knew, as Laura did, that he was the perfect man for my daughter. He has everything a Dad would want for his daughter. I am proud to call him my Son-In-Law.
Their love grew each moment they were together. Scot even took on the responsibility of Tucker, their "fur" baby. The early makings of a beautiful family had begun.

Scot and Laura set a date and a wedding soon began to be planned. Laura found the perfect dress, she looked so beautiful. When she asked me if I would walk her down the aisle I felt honored, and proud of the way Nana's and Pawpaw's girl had turned into a woman.
At rehearsal I walked Laura down the aisle. I think my heart was beating as fast as hers. I was a proud Dad that moment, and still am to this day. When I married Laura's mom, I got 2 bonuses. Another son, Eric and my daughter Laura. I don't call them steps, I claim them as if they were Elsie's and mine, the only steps in my house lead to upstairs. Along with my son from the first marriage, Matt, we became a family of 5.
Rehearsal went well, now if only the weather held up. Your never know what Mother Nature has instored for you when you plan a outdoor wedding.
But it was a great day that the Lord had given us, and the wedding was beautiful. Tears filled our eyes, as two people began a life together.
Since then, we have all gotten to know each other better and have many great times together. We aren't perfect, but we are family. Who else but Scot would go surfing with the dogs with me. He is a team player, who can play on my team anytime.

Last November they were blessed with a addition to their family. Ryder came into their lives, all of our lives, and has not stopped filling it with joy since the second he appeared. He has two great parents who adore and love him. And my wife and I became Nana and Pawpaw to the most handsome little man around.

It's been 5 months already, time does go by quickly. Nothing can symbolize Scot and Laura's anniversary, and their life together better then Ryder's smile...perfect. The Lord has always been part of Scot and Laura's life and he has blessed them many times.

Together they will make a difference in the world, in Ryder and in Pawpaw's life. I get tearful when I see how much they love each other and have the foundation for a strong, loving family. Happy Anniversary Kids...I Love You Both. And when Nana and I watch Ryder as you go out to eat tonight..remember all that the Lord has given you...2 years of love and friendship, lots of family that love you both, and many blessings, with Ryder leading the list. When you look into his eyes..see the love you and Scot have and the result that it has given you.
Happy Anniversary Kids...Pawpaw's Wisdom to you is keep doing what your doing...I can't recommend any changes...your actions make Pawpaw a very proud man, a very proud Dad.


  1. Awe! thats soo sweet! I LOVE the pictures that you added. Thankyou for being there through all of these moments of my life. I love you!

  2. Hi Pawpaw!! Just dropping by and looking at your blog. Always love to get a laugh and see some more sweet memories!! I love YOU!! Love, Nana