Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sping is in the Air..time to plant some 'maters..

Well, Spring has finally arrived, yet Mother Nature stills keeps us on edge with cool days and frost at night. It's time when pansies start to disappear, and new flowers begin to pop up.
Bulbs have started to pop out of the ground and show us their lovely colors. It's a time to try and remember what you planted, and where you planted it. And when you see something strange coming out of the ground, try and figure out how that got in to your garden...squirrels ...Mother Nature's way of messing with our minds...I never planted that bulb...did you. Clematis vines have begun to errupt with blossums and greenery. A light shower waters them as I take their photo....say "cheese" ya.

Gerber Daisies are one of Nana's and Pawpaw's favorites. Every year we have to buy a few to add to our garden.
Lilac has begun to fill the's a pleasure to walk the dogs when lilac's in the air...well, until the dogs do what they do best...if you know what I mean. Maybe more lilac would help that situation out...note to Pawpaw..plant more lilac around the yard.
Saturday we went for more plants..and now it's time to get digging in the dirt. We love to plant our for the many flowers we love to have around us, and two, the vegetable garden we plant for it's 'mater timer...wasn't there a song about that's "hammer time".
Slowly, little 'maters have begun to push their way up to the sky. With a little love, a little water, and a lot of time, we will have 6-7 types of tomatoes this year....nothing better. And what we can't eat, or give away..Nana will freeze for her many recipes. Nana loves to cook with "fresh" veggies. So "Pawpaw's Wisdom" is some seeds and get a container. Purchase some good planting soil, not top soil, and plant a little garden...whether it's flowers or will appreciate what great things can come from alittle time and alittle effort..the same affect can be applied in your daily life. Take time and smell the roses, so to speak. Great things take time to develope, that time while waiting is God's way to humble us. For if we were given everything, we wouldn't appreciate what we do have. And if you plant some 'maters, you can have a really good sandwich on white bread and alittle mayo...Nana is it dinner time yet..Pawpaw's hungry..again.

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  1. Yum- A 'mater sandwich would be good about right now. Your garden looks GREAT! Scot and I need to plant some flowers so we can catchup. So far our backyard everything just looks lifeless.