Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend's over...A new chapter has begun.

Well, Pawpaw and Nana made it back from Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. About a 4 hour drive from Charlotte. We had left our herd of Yorkies with a dog sitter and headed south. But it was worth it, with the fine dining, lovely wide beaches and wide life everywhere you looked. We found a pond with a ton of turtles...really we weighted them...well maybe half a ton...and it was also home to a alligator...which we didn't see, but talked to a couple who had seen it many times...note to self...don't buy in that development.
We traveled to Hilton Head to be part of our son Eric, and Tori's wedding. It was held at Tori's dads yacht club, near where her parents have a home. A beautiful location with a backdrop of boats and homes.

On our first night we went to dinner with Tori's family and friends to Charley's Crab. Pictured with the large crab at it's entrance. We both enjoyed the food and really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and get to know Tori's family. Her grandpa, Dude and I spent the evening talking and laughing. Hot topics like Politics, familiy and bloody mary's...told ya it was those olives Dude...they might be cheating you.
The night was rehearsal night and we got to see the yacht club for the first time. Beautiful setting for a wedding. After we went through our moves we traveled to a local japanese steak house for dinner and fun.

Saturday night was the wedding. Tori looked beautiful in her gown and Eric was handsome in his tux. And yes, I too wore a tux. But my breathe was really taken away by Nana's dress, and her lovely appearance by my side. Our daughter was also beautiful as one of the bride's maids and her husband was a groomsman. Seeing those two all dressed up reminded us of their wedding only a short time ago(it's been almost two years). Since then, they have been blessed with Ryder. He also was at the wedding, and was watched over by me, Nana, his Uncle Steve and his Aunt Paula...he was a very good baby for the wedding, but he's always a good boy in my eyes.

We got to meet alot of new people and see old friends and family. Nana and I, both want to thank all who came and shared this lovely moment in our lives, and the lives of our children. We hope that Eric and Tori have a blessed life, and are proud that they have started by finding the Lord Jesus Christ, and have let him guide their lives. We love you Eric and Tori, and wish you all the best.

So Pawpaw's wisdom is this...remember that with each new day a new beginning starts and an old one's what you do in that time that is important. Make the time in life's journey special each moment, each day. Find true love and enjoy life to the fullest...deep thoughts from Pawpaw.

And if you want to go a beautiful island for a vacation, a reunion or a wedding...try Hilton has some of the best food I have had...Old Fort Pub...the view, the food...Charley's Crab...good times and food...and beaches that are wide and clean...a family friendly island located just hours away. I'm not AAA, but here's my trip map...have fun and enjoy the place where our son and daughter-in-law began their lives together.


  1. We had a great time didn't we? Thankyou for all that you and mom did to watch Ryder for us during all the busy festivities of the wedding. What would we do without you??

  2. Beautiful place, beautiful wedding and so glad I was able to be there to enjoy it!!