Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is The Economy Still Bad or What?

The economy must still be bad, let me tell you what happened over the past weekend. Nana and I were out doing errands, and decided to grab us a bite of food. We were near a favorite place called "Shake and Steak" and decided to stop there. We had gone there before with our kids and grandson, and really enjoyed it.Nana is a lover of breakfast food, she'll make it for our dinner sometimes. We had wondered how their breakfast meals were, so she ordered herself one.
Now Pawpaw is a burger man, the bigger the better, so I ordered a nice size one with all the trimmings...and fries on the side.
We enjoyed our meals and went to go pay for them. A great place to eat and reasonable on the wallet too. I never carry change, I put it all in my piggy bank each day...I think I'm saving for my trip to Hawaii, but with the economy, more like saving for our next meal.
I got my change and looked at the penny the manager had given looked strange in color and appearance. To my surprise it was a 1900 Indian Head penny, in very good condition considering it is over a hundred years old and had been handled as change.
I looked it up online and it is worth $10,000 just's worth about $6.00. Had you going for a minute didn't I? You know someone dug down deep into a drawer or emptied that old jar to get this coin back into circulation. Or did a grandpa somewhere have to cash in his old coin collection to pay a bill, get a meal or go to the doctor...hard to say, sad to think about it.

All I know is that I am sure glad Nana didn't get my treasure find and buy a gumball with it on the way out...good thing my grandkids weren't with me too. I'm sure I would have just given it to them and not even looked at it.I'm not rich, but it is a cool story to tell people and a sign that the ecomony still needs a little more fine tuning to get back to where we were.

So my wisdom to you today is...check your change...see if you too can find a diamond in the rough. I did, and with the $6.00 value on a penny investment, I made better money then the stock market, the real lottery and Las really. But I do have a great story to tell. So go out and spend a little money this weekend.. to help the economy and to see if you strike it gold in the penny lottery. And if you do...tell me about it...ok?

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